Friday, July 5, 2013


The blogging community was really quite and I missed everyone! My 4th of July was different from years past, we didnt get a change to go see any fireworks, didn't have Delaney to take to any either:(  and I wasn't with my family shooting roman candles at each other, haha. Today is FRIDAY and i am glad, Delaney will be here tonight for A WHOLE week and before she gets here we are going to buy flowers, pick out rock and have dinner with our very dear Friend Karen. :)

  1. I am not a cook, i never cared to learn and when i was living with my parents, the kitchen was my moms territory, you cant get in her way. Well now that we are on our own i am TRYING to cook. Tevis is actually picky and hates chicken but i am trying my best. I get sad when he doesn't care for something I've cooked but he eats it, i guess that's OK. Yesterday we tried out our very first crock pot meal. Vegetable beef stew and we have NO LEFT overs. It was a hit and Tevis' belly was satisfied. 

    2. Our 4th of July was just Tevis and I. We slept in until 11, got ready for the day, i did some homework, and we got all the food into the crock pot to start cooking. I asked Tevis to go bowling, i needed to practice. We then spent the rest of the day watching movies and just hanging out together. Around 930-10 we decided to go sit out in the garage and watch people shoot off fireworks around the neighborhood, we seen some pretty ones :) 

    3. I got new Essie the other day and one color i got was Sand Topez. I do not like it and I am being a good best friend and giving it my best friend Erica. 

    4. You may hear me talk a lot about our best friends Bob and Karen, their son Matt who lives out in San Diego, California. He needs A LOT OF prayers. He had seriously a little fall last week that ended up tearing some arteries and blood vessel in his leg, and now has developed blood clots in his legs and lungs. We need prayers that he will be okay. Thank you! 

    5. I miss my best friend Erica like no other. Every time i get to go home we can never have the time we need together :( I pray she can make it to Indy sometime and we get the time we need and deserve. We are best friends that live over 2 hours away but talk on a daily basis. I love how distance isn't hurting us, but its not helping us either. WE NEED BEST FRIEND TIME! 

    Have a good Friday Everyone! Be safe this weekend and enjoy more 4th of July festivities and family time.



  1. I will be praying for your friend! I love crock pot cooking:)

  2. I will keep him in my prayers!
    Thanks for the Polish :) yay
    Agreed. We need bff time, and for more than an HR haha. SOON!

  3. Praying for your friend. We had a lazy 4th as well. Have a great weekend with Delaney.