Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bye bye Jungle, hello new and improved yard

Hi loves,
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Today I am posting some picture of the progress that has happened outside, and I know i may have duplicated some from a previous post, sorry in advance. I also know i post a lot on my IG but i have to make a post about it, duh :) ENJOY!

This is what we were doing this past Saturday! We have a small corner bed left to do and one small side of the house, but for the most part everything is done! 

It sure was a hot day, But us ladies worked our butts off!

I just love our deck, and our next project is a roof. :) 

just love this side of the house, see that stepping stone with yellow on it? Delaney made that for Tevis for fathers day! 

I am loving all the work we have done to the inside and outside of our home! I am so thankful we have great friends/family around here to help us. I cannot wait until my family from up from Auburn can come see our home! :) My mom, brother, Haley and my dad have not been able to come visit yet, but i am sure once things at my dads work calms down and my niece arrives into the world they will come see it :) 

I have gotten a TON of new followers, i sure hope everyone is enjoying reading about my everyday life and new journey of being a homeowner it sure is a lot of work but i am loving every minute of it. 


  1. You might just have to come do my front flower bed ha. I have cut the bushes down I have yet to dig them out and mulch and everything. Yours looks really nice! Gives me motivation!

  2. Britney, it looks so so good!!! So clean and fresh compared to the overgrowth of bushes!! I can't believe the hose was completely covered!!! You guys have done such a good job!!

  3. I want a deck so bad! I've got a concrete patio...its aight:)

  4. It looks amazing, I cannot believe how fast everything seems to be coming together!