Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life & Excuses!

Hello all my lovely readers!

Its summer time, so i know a lot of us bloggers don't blog on a daily basis an honestly i have been dreading coming up with a post. I am in a RUT! I am down in the dumps, i am stressed, I am feeling defeated. It will pass and I will be okay, its happens to us all, right?

My summer has been all about getting this house all in order and making it feel Home-y and OURS! Everything we want and need to do is just about done, which is a good thing because money doesn't grow on trees, haha. We are hitting the bottom of our piggy bank. I am so thankful we have been able to do all what we've done, makes me so happy and I love sharing all the pictures with everyone on here and on my IG. Thats one stress of mine, this house, so much work and we have to rely on friends/family to help do stuff. Tevis can't do much, stuff is just too much for him. So we work a lot of times on everyone else schedule, i try to do little things by myself but end up getting frustrated because i am not good at fixing things or putting things together, etc etc.  I will be glad when its all done and we don't have these stresses anymore, in a way they are good stresses. I love my house and know things will be ok :) Gotta stay positive, Britney!!!!

My next stress is SCHOOL. not gonna lie it sorta sucks going to school throughout the summer months. I have been getting distracted because its so nice out or we have plans. My one class right now is giving me a hard time, i am at an 80% NOT BAD, but i gotta get it up and keep it up to pass. I don't like hitting the 80% mark because one little mistake can put me into the C range, not what i want in college. NO C's!!!!!! I just gotta keep trucking on, i will be done before I know it and have a good paying job. I have a great support system! Tevis is awesome, asking em how its going helps me sometimes and always encourages me to get homework done. Friends are always asking me how its going and even bloggy friends support and encourage me :), my parents and brother...they don't really ask anything about my school. I dont think they ever will honestly, ive quit school twice and I just gotta prove to them i am in this to the end! I try not to care that they don't ask, i know they care and love and support me.

Another stress of mine is just more of being upset that my family hasn't been able to come see our house and everything we've done. They were trying to surprise us one weekend, but it didn't work out. Unfortunately, my dad is the GM at Smokey Bones and has been working his butt off, and has had a lot of other managers on vacation and just cant seem to get a good amount of time off. I get work is important, just overall sucks. && then as most of you know, Haley is pregnant, so this last month no one wants to go anywhere or do anything because she could go into labor. I just MISS my family, we went from seeing them once a month to not a lot lately because we've been so busy getting this house put together. I understand why they haven't and i am ok with it, just miss them and want to show off my house to them! Once Taelynn Lea arrives in this world things will be easier and better, i cant wait to have AUNTIE TIME :)

&& lastly... My weight and change of lifestyle, isnt going well. I have had so much other stuff going on and other stresses that when i finally get a minute to breathe i just want to sleep or watch tv. I need to make more of an effort to exercise 30 minutes a day. ITS NOT A LOT, why cant i do it??? i am making up to many excuses. I have a 5K i signed up for with my best friend, Erica @ Loyal Run in middle of september, I AM NO WHERE NEAR ready! I am officially not excited and even told Tevis i don't want to do it. BUT I HAVE TO. i have to prove to myself i can do this, and prove to my family who was like "you know that involves running right"? I just gotta get motivated! I dont want to let anyone down :(

So thanks in advance for all the nice kind words everyone will leave me! I appreciate and obviously need it! I just gotta keep positive and always stay open and honest to people who love me, keeping things bottled up is never good! I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


  1. I'm sorry you are stressed out right now:( When it rains it pours right? Just when I think that I'm going to get caught up on things something else comes up! Don't get discourage about exercising and all that because remodeling a house is exercising! The real problem comes when you're like me and you sit around ALL day Saturday and still don't fill like moving haha!

  2. The house is coming along great :) your friends are amazing people for helping so much!! I hate being so far away and I'm just so glad u have them!!!
    you have been rocking your school work :) I'm sooo stinking proud of u!!!! And to think how close you are to finishing!!! Eeek.
    And I have something I want u to think about. The 5k and exercising.... don't you dare do this for anyone but yourself. You were so excited about this and knew it was time to make a change! I know you have been so busy but I know you would feel better about yourself. How do I know? Because I was there when u were so excited about starting. Your enthusiasm put a smile on my face and I was so happy for u!! Just make sure that your not trying to meet anyone's expectations but your own!!! You are so strong! I know this ... you just need a little reminder :) I love you bff!! I'm always here.

  3. Dont' be so hard on yourself girlie...All the stuff you are going through is hard and it all takes time. Yes it's exciting to make your house pretty but it'd stressful and expensive. School will be good and you will be great!!! I know for a fact your will!!! I have been horrible with eating and exercising too. I find every excuse in the book. I'm so mad at myself for letting the summer go by without making more of an effort. Tomorrow is a new day girlie!! We can do it together!

  4. You have sooooo much going on!! You aren't giving yourself any credit! Most of us would be stressed to the max with all of that! Once it's all over, you'll be able to breathe! And it won't be long!! You need to take some time for yourself too, so you don't get overwhelmed! Even if it is just to sit in the quiet and watch tv!! We all need that!

  5. Sorry you are so stressed girl! Don't let it all get to you, the housenis looking fantastic and you are a great student! Don't allow yourself to forgrt how wonderful all the stuff you are stressing over it too :) as for the family I know how hard that can be but try to take advantage of technology and maybe give them a skype tour of the house. Also it's okay that you are having a hard time with a healthy lifestyle don't let the mess ups get you down though. Maybe start by taking walks first thing in the mornings and try meal planning for the week ahead, that always helps me a lot. Love ya girl!