Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

today i get a little personal, thanks in advance.

I have been seeing previews on this movie and seen a few people on my face book watch it. I had a few hours to myself Tuesday evening and told tevis i was renting a movie. WOW, is all I gotta say, it really was close to my heart and made me think a lot, this movie has inspired my whole post that i will get to in a second! 

Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is a romance drama film produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry. The film is adapted from the play of the same name written by Perry, with several changes. This is the thirteenth film by Perry. It was released on March 29, 2013

View the trailer here if you have not heard about this movie


If anyone has read my "Our Story" tab, then you know that I met Tevis while still married and how bad of a marriage i had with my ex, we were young and dumb. If you have not read that, please do, either NOW or after this post! 

So this movie made me think of my relationship with my ex...How i never want to feel like i am being taken for granted or unwanted ever again. I tried to fix our relationship, tried to get him to take marriage counseling, but i truly think it just came down to he just settled for me and didn't know give me what I wanted. & when i finally gave up on the relationship he suddenly wanted to try and I knew it was just too late. I'v been judged long enough because people don't agree with what i did or how we ended it or they think we didn't fight hard enough, but people don't know is that i fought and fought and all he did was ignore the situation and drink, Guess i made him drink a lot and i was his trigger button because boy would he get so mad at me at times. I don't regret my experience with him because it made me grow and appreciate what i have now. I just hate how we have no closure, i just went to work one day and never went back home. I've only seen him twice since and he has my dogs, so i would text him constantly and he wont respond the failure of our marriage wasn't just me but he sure makes me feel like it was all my fault, we both had our parts in it. I still dwell on it to this day, because i have no closure, because i haven't forgiven myself and because how it went down. One day i'll be able to move on from that situation and until then i am glad Tevis is so supportive and understands.

So this movie also made me think of my relationship now, how to always make sure Tevis knows how much i love him, keep things exciting and don't let things get too comfortable. Tevis and I are very open and honest, communication is key and we have succeeded this far because of it. The relationship I have with Tevis is so different and great, its a healthy mature adult relationship and he does little things all the time that reminds me how special he thinks i am and how much he loves me. For example...he was gone all day yesterday and i was stuck home, he came home with this yummy carmel frappe thing from McDonald's and then i had a terrible evening and was very upset and Tevis took me to Texas Roadhouse (one of my faves) for dinner just so he would make me happy. His motto a lot of the time is "if she isn't happy i am not happy". I have a good guy ladies, so happy and so glad my past and the path I took led me to him.

Well my lovely readers, thank you for letting me get personal today on the blog and kind of vent. Words of encouragement and advice are always welcome :) 


  1. You are great girlie! I am so glad you have Tevis!

  2. First I want to say how sweet it is the way you and Tevis care and love each other so much. Its obvious things are strong in your relationship. In regards to moving past the lack of closure and being made to feel like the divorce was your fault I have this to say: I was in a really crappy relationship before D so I know what you are going through is some ways. My ex did some pretty bad things to me and it took time for me to move on but I did. I felt like some of what he did was my fault but I had to realize that it wasn't my fault- I wasn't the one who made him do those things to me, that was all him. Once I forgave myself the moving on part was so much easier. As soon as I let the blame off my shoulders I no longer thought about that entire relationship the same way. It will get easier and you will move on, just remember it's not your fault you did the best you could and your are NOT responsible for the way he treated you! love you Britney!