Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Transformation Tuesday!

Good afternoon, everyone! Blogging really has become lower in my priority list here lately and it makes me sad, because it is almost like its my own cheap therapy. We have been so busy with this house & i am in school full time year round, my mind is always else where! :(
 I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break. We haven't done much of anything but remodel the house. Hopefully next summer we can plan a fun vacation :)

I cant believe its July 9th already. Delaney starts school July 31st and will be in 2nd grade. WAHOOO. Around here they have the extended school year and i know that's becoming more and more common.

So usually on Tuesdays people like to share pictures of their progress well i dont have pictures of myself but i want to show you progress of the new flooring going on in our house! If you follow me on IG you have already seen these :) I am loving every bit of how we are making this house, OUR HOME!

Front door, Entry way. 

Laundry room, before & After

such a HUGE difference. Kitchen, Before & After
Pictures don't do it justice! Looks amazing in person. 

Delaney's bathroom

The house is looking just amazing, i am in love with everything we have made changes to. Our bedroom will be next along with LOTS of outside work which i will happily share all that with you fine readers soon. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! 


  1. The wood looks wayyyy better! And that's so cool how your washer and dryer is up on a platform

  2. The house is really starting to come together!

  3. It looks so much better! I love it!

  4. looking good so far! isn't it amazing how new flooring can make such a big difference? you should add your house to my link up when you're done with reno's! -

  5. Wow, it looks so good!! You guys must be so happy! I've missed you!

  6. Ooh, I love the flooring. And do you like the front loading washer? I've heard mixed reviews.

  7. Love love love it!!! :) can't wait till its all done