Friday, July 26, 2013

Puppy Fever!

Hi my lovely readers!
I know i have been MIA but bare with me :) most of you know we are busy busy with this house, almost all done, I THINK!

So wanted to share some good news!
We have decided to start looking for a puppy!
I am thrilled to bring a new addition to our little family, as much as I wish it was a baby, i am pretty excited to get a dog though. Tevis has had a dog around almost his whole life, and last year after he got home from the hospital he had say goodbye to his buddy, Houch who was put to sleep i believe her kidneys were failing and she was just getting worse each passing day. So when we moved into this house, he had lived here before with Houch, he finds himself thinking shes here or a dog in general is here. So he thinks a dog will make things COMPLETE :) So i am all for that and I believe it will give him a sense of security with having a dog in the house. I know it will help my anxiety.

So we know we want a large breed dog, we've both had small dogs in the past and gonna change it up.

We've been researching and looking for Labs. We are interested in, Silver, chocolate, yellow ( in that order)   There are two types of labs, English and American.

English labs are heavier, thicker and blockier.
American labs are tall and lanky

Labs are the most popular breed in the USA, they are a true loving, loyal, affectionate and patient family dog. They are highly intelligent, good natured and eager to learn and please. I know from experience they can be hyper first few years but with the right training and attention from us we are ready for this challenge. I am tired of the comments, "why a lab?" "they are annoying" "too hyper" etc etc. Once again people can surely have their opinions, but ahhh so annoying, our life, our decision. This is what we want, they are GREAT DOGS! I know they are an energetic dog and i am willing to take her on walks and she will have a GREAT big backyard to play in :) I know Delaney will be willing to go on walks with me as well, great exercise too. I can't wait to share with you all when we finally get her, yes we want a female :) And as of right now, we have Storm as a name. Has to do with BOWLING, so it fits with our family and I am loving it.

I hope everyone has a great Friday! & bare with me on my blog design, it will all change soon, I hope. At least its not too ugly to look at! XOXO


  1. We had a black lab and loved him!

  2. We have a yellow lab/golden mix and we love him! He is full of energy, but in a good way, and he is very loyal. He did go through a chewing phase and he currently steals the neighborhood kids' balls if they leave them outside, but he is such a good boy and was very easy to train. There are many lab rescues and I would highly recommend getting your puppy from one of them. We did and they were so great to us!

  3. Aww, I love chocolate labs!! I'm excited for you guys!

  4. Don't let anyone's opinions bother you girl! Labs are great dogs and you have obviously done your research which is the most important! Let me know if you need any potty training tips! And if I can give any advice it's to get a crate- they are a huge lifesaver! lol