Friday, July 12, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins

I am having a hard time finding things to talk about and finding time, So i am stealing a post from one of my favorite readers, Megalin @ My Random Lovelies...Go read her post HERE about her Seven Deadly Sins. 

Everyone deals with The seven deadly sins sometime in their lifetime. 
So Here are mine:

seven great things about your life
1. Have the most amazing, loving, support boyfriend
2. Have a great loving 7 year old little girl in my life. 
3. My family is amazing
4. Moved to the Indianapolis area, don't regret it
5. I have a pretty nice house and nice things
6. I don't have to work, so i can focus on school
7. I am about to be an AUNTIE!

seven things you lack and covet
1. confidence
2. patience
3. Common Sense, i am the blondest brunette you'll ever meet
4. smaller jean size 
5. don't know when to shut up
6. baby

seven things that make you angry
1. hot & humid weather
2. people who spell my name wrong when its clearly right in front of their face
3. bad drivers
4. girls who get preg. at 16
5. that for some reason a baby in my future probably wont happen
6. damn 7 & 10 Pins, yup referring to bowling LOL 
7. How people judge me for not working

seven things that you neglect to do
1. Exercise
2. Eat better
3. Fold & hang laundry right away when dryer is done
4. Shave my legs, yup i let me go sometimes LOL
5. Talk to my grandparents in Oklahoma
6. Keep in touch with ex-co-workers
7. Clean as I go

seven worldly material desires
1. Ipad Mini
2. Brand New Car, never owned one
3. Essie Nail Polish
4. whole new warbdrobe 
5. new coach purse and wallet
6. Diamond Ring on my left ring finger
7. Apple Mac Book

seven guilty pleasures
1. Orange Leaf
2. Tevis, ;)
3. Social Networks
4. Pop
5. queso
6. Colts
7. Channing Tatum

seven things you love about love
1. Good morning & Good night kisses
2. Inside jokes
3. Cuddle time
4. Date nights
5. Movie nights at home
6. holding hands
7. Love being showered with love 

What are your seven deadly sins?

Hope everyone had a great Friday, this is just a little preview of what we did today.


  1. Cleaning as I go never happens. I clean 2ce a day. Before nap time and before bedtime. It gets really bad in between :0

  2. Great post! I may have to do this one too!

  3. I really like this post. 2-7 under sloth is me too! PLus I love the new blog design! I know I am so behind on reading!