Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 Ways to Spread Kindness Today

Hello loves! Miss me? I miss myself and the blogging community too. 

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can make or break someone's day. Have you ever been having a rough time, only to have some stranger smile or say hi outta the blue and your day just turned a 360? We all need more people like in in our lives and we need to be one of those people. It is the little things we can do to make someones day without even knowing it! PAY IT FORWARD! 

Make KARMA your best friend you wont regret it! 

1. Write someone a kind note. Leave a note for the evening janitor, your roommate, or even a friend or family member who's been helpful to you lately or could use some kindness in their life. Tell them how much your appreciate them and make sure to be specific. It will likely change their whole day (or week) around. 
2. Go out of your way to do something nice. Hold the door for someone who is coming far behind you or offer to take care of your friend's kid while they go do something for themselves. Doing something completely selfless like this will make both parties feel good. 
3. Listen.Really listen to someone. Look them in the eyes, ask follow-up questions and truly try and understand their problems. You'd be surprised how rare that is. 
4. Volunteer.Take some time to volunteer for a local organization. Choose something you like to do -- if you like working with children, check out a local boys and girls club, if you like to cook, go to the local soup kitchen, etc -- and spread even more kindness while you're there. Organizations always need help and it will be good for your soul. 
5. Help out your parents. As our parents age, they need more and more help from us. Offer to help Mom or Dad learn some new tricks on the iPhone, clean out the garage or choose what to get rid of and what to keep in the house. They'll love spending time with you and will appreciate the gesture more than you realize. 
6. Pay for the person behind you's cup of coffee. Make someone's day and ask the cashier if you can pay for the person's coffee behind you. The surprise will make their day.  
7. Give up your seat on the bus/train.Offer your seat to someone else on the train or bus that probably needs it more than you. Even if they don't take you up on it, they'll appreciate the offer. 
8. Tell your boss how great someone else is doing. Get some time with your boss or supervisor and let them know how well your coworker is doing at their job. It can help your boss realizes what's going on deeper within the company and it can certainly help your coworker if he hears the compliments through the grapevine. 
9. Leave a positive review.Do you just love your local coffee shop? Let them know it (and help their PR) by leaving a review on Yelp or another local review site. Especially if it's a small business, this can make a big difference. 
10. Smile.At everyone. Smiles are infectious and if you kindly smile at others, it may lift their spirits. 


  1. Aw, I miss you!!! If I get out of the house today, I'll try to spread a little kindness! Great post!

  2. Number 10 is my favorite. I always do my best to smile at everyone, you never know who is going to need it!

  3. Great post! True kindness is hard to find in people these days :) I will spread the love!