Friday, August 2, 2013

Fan FRIDAY! Indians Baseball game!

I am Linking up with Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars for FAN FRIDAY! Thought my recent game I went to would be perfect. && she is AWESOME, BTW! I gave up on my blog design, so she is going to do it for me! I am just not creative enough nor have the time right now. I am ok with it because I've seen her work! :) Go check out her design site! click HERE!!! 

Ever Since being with Tevis i am into sports way more then I have ever been. So this past Tuesday i was able to go to my first Indians game down Indianapolis at Victory Field they are a AAA team. Delaney has been to more games then I. She loves Rowdie(MASCOT) and has a little stuffed animal of him she sleeps with.  It was a great night for a baseball game it was cool and although it was raining we didn't get wet and enjoyed a great night and the Indians WON!

It was rainy out, and i was staying dry and having a good hair day :) 

blurry picture, but my dates for the night :) 

Brittany & Britney :) 

Rowdie, the Indians mascot! He posed for me! 

we had great seats! 

Bob and I, love this guy! He is always always there for Tevis and I 

View from our seats! 

AUGUST 2nd..WOW! 4 months until Christmas! ahahahahaahahhaahahahahaaha

I hope everyone has a great Friday! Tomorrow is Saturday and will be a GREAT DAY!! :) hehe can't wait to share my excitement with you all.


  1. I have never been to a game, but I just have to say that I love that pic of u!!! :)

  2. FUN!! I love AAA games. Let's you get closer to the action without having to pay nearly the same amount of money!

  3. That looks like lots of fun! And how exciting that she is doing your blog design! Her's are awesome, I can't wait to see what she comes up with for you!