Friday, August 30, 2013

Update on Storm Stambaugh! Puppy Love

this is my 160th post, wahoo GO ME! Go enter my giveaway on previous post! 

Saturday we will have had storm for A WHOLE MONTH! wow, lots a lot of sleepless nights i have experienced LOL. Alicia knows what I am talking about, right Brew Mama

this face is hard to resist in the mornings though. I truly love her to death. 

She will be 3 months old September 9th.

Last Friday we took her to the vet, the shot she had to get didn't even phase her, she got a fecal test and didn't even try to bite the vet, haha and then later that night took her medicine like a champ, WHOA i have a good puppy, for now anyways. In December she goes in to get spayed and dew claws come off
On the way to the VET

She was only 18lbs, thought she would be heavier so we had to up her food its hard for puppies to gain weight and we will adjust as she gains. she is eating 1 1/2 cup in the am and the same amount at night about 12 hours in between each other. She goes back in 2 weeks and then 3 weeks after that, and the Vet should be able to tell us how big they estimate she will get. She def. sees Lab in her and we asked about saint Bernard and because of her fur, paws and dew claws she thinks that's a good guess. We could do a DNA test to know 100% sure but Who has time or MONEY for that? We love her no matter what she is.
Look at those LONG legs

Such a pretty girl with her ball, she LOVES playing fetch

Storm is very very playful and bites us like crazy, i love playing with her, especially fetch, i have never had a dog that played fetch. She loves water so we got her a couple little pools. She has her moments where she is on puppy crack and we have to hide from her, haha, she goes nuts. I also love walking her. She starts obedience training Monday September 2nd and I am nervous because i feel like she will be the worst puppy in the class and excited that they will WORK.
Bought her a new toy couple weeks ago, and she would rather play with water bottles

she LOVES her blanky!

We have Delaney every other weekend, usually, sometimes more. Well they don't get a long too well. All Storm wants to do is BITE BITE BITE BITE her. Poor Delaney cant walk without her attacking and wanting to play. I think its because Delaney is more on her "level" and then Delaney screams and cries, or hides in her room. I hope classes will help that, we don't want Delaney scared of Storm. I know it will get better. We have had NO ACCIDENTS all week, wahooo lets keep that up. Oh and Obedience classes start Monday, wish us luck.
She was Pre-Washing, HAHAHA. 

What makes me most happy about Storm, is that our home feels more complete. Tevis is so happy with her which in turn makes me happy. Yes, he can get low patience with her but only when he is trying to walk and shes in the way, he is VERY AFRAID he is gonna fall because of her. Other then that he truly and deeply LOVES her. Just been nice to see him smile and love on her! Melts my heart. Getting a puppy may be hard a lot of work but Its worth it. 

If you follow me on IG, i always post pictures of her and her sleeping positions KILL me!!!! She can never pick a spot and take a nap, she moves around for 15 minutes before she finds a good place and she is always laying on her back, she loves to spread out. We let her sleep with us, we may regret it, ok we probably will. BUT she sleeps SOOO much better with us and i will get my sleep back later on. Bonding with her is more important to us then sleep and this week shes been better on not waking me up every two hours. I thought i would be more annoyed with less sleep but when i open my eyes and see those puppies eyes in my face or feel those paws on my back i sometimes cant help but smile, its a good wake up call :) 

Monday was National Dogs Day! Love your fur babies!

Hope you enjoy Catching up about our Baby Girl Storm :) she truly is a joy to have. I may complain and have attitude towards tevis because I am tired, but he lets me take a nap if hes home. LOVE him for that lol. Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Haha, I love the dish washer picture! So adorable!

  2. She is so darn cute!! I love her sleeping positions. They crack me up haha

  3. I swear puppies are cute so we don't hate them for waking us up all the time hahah. I can't believe y'all have had her for a month now! When luna was really bitey was little we bought a spray bottle and put water in it to spray her when she bites. She hated that thing and would shape up as soon as we would get it out maybe try getting one and lettinf Delaney use that to keep Storm from getting all over her.

  4. I'm so happy we are able to share our puppy stories. I think Storm is adorable. I've stopped Mack about a hundred times from chewing on socks today. Silly puppies.