Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Will You marry ME?

If you know me, have kept up on my blog and read previous posts then you know that I got married at the age of 20 years old, separated shortly after our one year anniversary and finally divorced little more after that.

I have been with Tevis for three years. Seems sooo much longer with everything we have been through. He is truly my Best Friend. We are finally on the right path, in our own house, re-doing a lot to make it OURS, got a puppy, we love having Delaney because it makes this house feel like a home. I am so thankful to have Tevis and be where I am at in life.

Our second picture taken together. 

I made lots of mistakes and finally at this point in my life I do not regret any of them because they led me here and here is exactly where i need and want to be. I always say, Everything happens for a reason.

So I course had my reservations on marriage at first when i got with Tevis. My first marriage should have been my one and only, but we settled too young and grew apart too fast. I deserved more and so did he.

With Tevis I feel like I have gotten my second chance and found true my soul mate. With Tevis having a near death experience in Feb. 2012 both of our lives got turned upside down and we were back on the road of patience and the waiting game. I am so thankful and blessed he is still with me to this day and i get to fall asleep next to him and wake up next to him daily. Some people says he has change, and some say it is because of me... WELL how about you almost die and lose part of your leg and have your whole world change in an instant and see how you bounce back? My guess is it wont be 100% like your life use to be like.

Even though i want it SOONER...I know Tevis and I are on the path of moving forward and the time is right he will ask, and i was SCREAM YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knowing he is proud to be with me, loves me, and likes to show me off makes me want to be his wife even more. We've had many talks already and I would LOVE to get married on a cruise with very select few people. That would be my dream come true. If we can't technically get married due to his disability(financially) then we will put rings on our fingers, go on a cruise for our honeymoon.

I worry what Delaney would say if we got married or even if her mommy and her boyfriend got married. Is she ready for that?? is it too soon for Delaney, she still doesn't understand why mommy and daddy aren't together. Guess only time will tell, but i know she loves me :)

How do I know getting married for a second time is right for me??

I really don't know if it is "right" for me, but when you have a love and relationship like Tevis' and I you can't really mess that up.

Does Marriage scare me?

Of course it does, i don't want to get a divorce again. The relationship I have with tevis is so much better and different than with my ex. With my ex, i tried and tried and got tired, so when i was done he was ready to try and I said Bye Bye. I know with my relationship with Tevis, we would fight harder and longer, but also never get to that bad point where we did with both of our marriages.

if any of you are in my situation, how did you know getting married again was the right thing to do. How did you know the person you were with was "the One" again.?


  1. You guys have come so far so soon. I'm very proud of you :)

  2. I think you just know when you know!! You just have to take the chance and jump in! Wether you're married or not, love is love! And a wedding on a cruise ship sounds amazing!