Friday, August 9, 2013

Meet Taylin Nicole Snyder

Hi everyone!

I am very excited to announce that my cute baby niece arrived Tuesday evening!

Haley stayed at 2cm dilated for two week prior so her doctor decided to bring her in this past Monday at 5:30pm to start the process of inducing her,  during the night they gave her medicine 3 different times to soften her cervix and then they were gonna give her pitocin Tuesday morning. My plan was to leave Tuesday morning and stay 2 nights, WELL i was not thinking. Tevis cant take care of Storm during the night, he cant keep his prosthetic leg on for 48 hours. So i was not at the hospital when she was born, I waited and left early wed. morning and came home sorta late wed. night.  WE plan on going to visit soon so i am ok, plus i can facetime my mom and see her pretty little face!

Haley started pushing around 2-230ish tuesday afternoon and FINALLY at 5:14pm i had a niece!

Taylin Nicole Snyder
8lbs 11oz 21in. (no wonder it took her 3 hours to push, big healthy baby)

Haley had a pretty rough labor, taylin wasn't positioned just right and they tried every position possible for her, i felt so bad for her. My mom got to be in the room with her, I was so happy my mom got to experience seeing her first grand baby born! I may never get to give my mom that gift so I am thankful she got to do this with Haley and tj. Now i will share some pictures who everyone can see how happy this girl has made us already!

shortly after she was born

first family photo 

my momma, proud grandma!

he hates pictures! but he is loving his daughter

daddy, granny and baby tay tay 

This is grandpa, aka UNCLE TONY. lol 

look how long she is! 

first few seconds of seeing her

oh i just love her, proud auntie

Proud and very happy grandparents!

awe :) 

Haley's baby photo with taylin! 

Hope you enjoyed her cuteness!!! You will hear lots about her! Hope everyone has a great Friday!


  1. Omg! How cute! Congrats auntie! Did they change the spelling of her name? Itss o unique

  2. I love her name, she is just so beautiful!!

  3. She is so sweet, I know you are proud and excited! Congrats:)