Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I have Been Up to

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been basically MIA for a few weeks i think. I read your blogs don't worry :) I just have not wanted nor did I care to write a post. I have been in a funk...
I blame it on being a girl, AF came to visit me last week.

I am on a waiting list to get my blog design and I could not be more excited, yup i took the easy lazy way and paid for it. I know Sarah will do a good job and not disappoint.

I am not as involved with my blog as I use to be, but i am not "quitting" it, i have "met" some awesome ladies and will continue to meet awesome people. It is just because I have so much going on and its summer time. When i get free or relaxing time, i take advantage of it be lazy and watch tv :)

School -
It takes up a lot of time, i have to force myself to not log on to Facebook or my blog, or get on my phone and just focus on school work for a few hours, I am setting a goal to get things done before Friday so i can enjoy my weekends. My insurance class right now sucks, and i am not doing very well so i am very stressed and have my moments where I want to quit. I take online classes so it is harder sometimes, but i know i can do this. I have great support and will be a college graduate in no time. I get a week break in September and cannot wait!

As most know, we moved into our house June 9th and a little over 2 months into living here we have done A LOT of work to the house,
painted delaneys
painted delaneys bathroom
painted rest of house, hallways, living room, dining room, kitchen (BYE BYE white walls) :)
tore up all vinyl flooring and put laminate down(wood looking)
Stained both decks and fence ( 95% done )
new gate door( still needs done )
new back door ( just needs painted )
Roof over deck ( next project, either before winter or next spring )
Paint our bedroom, mount tv ( will happen within the next week ) Pictures soon
all flower beds weeded and new flowers & plants planted, mulch taken out and rock put in.

I think that's all we have done, need to do or want to do. That is a lot for 2 months in, and it is a changed house! It is HOME-y, it is OURs, that's all the matters :) We didn't expect to do all this, this summer, but WHY NOT we have had awesome friends help get stuff done. its almost done and we can breathe, relax and enjoy the house more and start saving money back for other things, like i need a new vehicle.

Besides when we FIRST moved in, we had our first weekend of friends stay with us, Steve Mandy and their daughter from Ohio came to stay the weekend last weekend, and we had a big cookout with lots of food. Steve and Mandy surprised us with a deep freezer and we could not be more thankful.
I love having company over and we do have that often : )
My mom and dad are finally coming to see our house end of this month I could not be more excited about it. And hopefully labor day weekend I will get to see my niece, fingers crossed.

We have had Storm for little over two weeks now, she is going like a weed and is so playful. I run on 0 sleep most days, some days are better than others. We started out letting her sleep with us but then i was so tired of getting up every two hours with her i wasnt getting enough sleep and she wanted to get up and play REALLY early. We started crating her at night, she knew it was bedtime and always went to sleep great but 5-6am and on she would cry cry cry.... so there again no sleep. Well she got sick last weekend and we let her sleep with us because we were worried she slept ALL night. She sleeps so much better with us, so we just caved and she sleeps with us. Shes only jumped off bed once. But i am just exhausted most days because i don't sleep like i use to, lol. I loVE MY SLEEP. I know it will get easier and she will sleep through the night soon enough. i have to take her out two times before we get up for the day, not terrible at all. We overall have had a great first two weeks with her, she is loved soo much. I am anxious to watch her grow, just miss my sleep because Tevis cant get up with her. I knew in the beginning she would be more my responsibility. I love her and when she gives me kisses i forget about how baggy my eyes are lol.
love that face!

my baby girl and I 

Look at those big paws

her sleeping positions kill me. haha

Little update on Delaney, she started school july 31st(they do the extended school year around here) and has been doing great, she loves school. She now gets to ride the big buss home and thinks that is just awesome. 2 weeks ago, we surprised her with a puppy and an iPad Mini. The iPad mini was promised to her if she had good behavior, she was suppose to get it for her birthday this past march and her behavior just didn't justify us getting it for her, so she had a great summer and we found a refurbished ipad mini for a great price and could not pass it up. It is her ipad so she can bring it back and forth between our house and her mothers. Over all Delaney is doing great. :) I hate it when she isn't with us because the house feels empty. She is gonna freak at how big Storm is already, haha. She gets to go to Disney in October, so lucky!

Okay, i think that's enough to tell ya for one day.
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  1. Wow, you have been SO busy!! The days must just be flying by!!

  2. I am so proud of you for sticking to school! You got this girl, you have been rocking it and I know you will continue to! Wow that is a ton of stuff yall have gotten done on the house! It seems like there is so little left, and I love that it feels like yours now! Storm is growing so fast! I remember those days of middle of the night pee breaks- I miss how small Luna used to be but not the lack of sleep! haha Way to go Delaney for earning herself an ipad mini!

  3. That is awesome your parents are finally able to come see ur new place. I know how important that is for u!! Plus I get to see u soon and I'm excited about that! :)
    Storm is getting so big so fast! Hopefully she sleeps through the night soon!
    Delaney has been doing great over the summer. She definitely has some great role models. :)