Tuesday, August 6, 2013


As most of you know from my Instagram or Facebook, WE GOT A PUPPY!!!

 We knew once we moved in to our house we would want a dog. I found Lucky Lab rescue and Adoption and we knew it was going to be a great place to find our new fur baby. I applied back on July 7th and for some reason i wasn't getting contacted back, they never received it so i had to re-do it and then the process was very fast. The puppies had picked out were gone, sadly, but i feel it wasn't mean to be then and when i seen pictures of Mia's Litter and we picked the fluffy one i knew she was going to be a perfect match.

Her momma was unwanted and had 11 puppies, 9 girls, 2 boys. She was at a foster home being very well taken care of. Our baby girl is almost 8 weeks old, mainly lab with some Saint Bernard in her! We are gonna have a big girl on our hands which is exactly what we wanted. Her name is Storm, Tevis is into Bowling and is on staff with Storm Bowling Products so it fits well and he was excited he got to pick the name out.

Saturday night was her first night with us, we were kinda ify on what to do with her, let her sleep with us or crate her. We decided to crate her at first, she slept in there from midnight til 3am, woke up crying, took her outside then back in her crate and she only lasted another hour. So decided to let her sleep with us rest of the night, we were up every two hours it seemed like until 10:30am. We will continue to let her sleep with us, we don't mind for now with having to take her outside so often. Sunday night she fell asleep early in the living room and when we went to bed around midnight, we put her into bed with us and surprisingly i took her at only twice, around 3ish and then again at 630ish. Then we all woke up at 930, i def. felt more rested than yesterday. Our bed is really high for her i am afraid i wont catch her trying to jump off, don't want her to get hurt. Even when she gets bigger, guess at a later point we will need to get a step for her or something. Everything has been going great. Monday has come and total she has had 3 pee accidents since Saturday morning, she goes to the door and we let her out praise her and got some treats too. She had one accident today, but tevis ran the vacuum cleaner and scared her. We are being very persistent with her and its paying off already. She is so smart!

She was a surprise for Delaney we did not tell her where we were going or anything. She was so excited and happy when the lady showed up with PUPPIES! Delaney instantly started playing and liked one certain puppy and it ended up being Storm, YAY!

First family photo :) 

So did you know shes gonna get big? Did you know puppies chew on stuff have accidents outta their control and get into everything? I HAD NO IDEA! (SARCASM) WOW if one more person says "Have fun with that" "shes gonna be big" "puppies are a pain" i am gonna snap someones head off! WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING. WE KNOW WHAT KINDA DOG WE WANTED. I've had puppies before, SO darn annoying. Leave us alone judgmental people. JESUS! Ok rant over :) 

Over all everything is going well with her and she is so adorable and lovable and fun to play with and watch her run in the yard. Tevis feels like our home is more complete now so glad he is HAPPY. Delaney loves her and she loves Delaney they are going to be best friends! Enough about Storm for now, i have her whole life to talk and brag about her, so i will leave you with some pictures from yesterday! Enjoy! Happy Tuesday! xoxo


  1. We got the same types of questions when we picked out Alice. She is a borador (border collie/ lab) "You know she will be high energy right" blah blah blah. I have always loved aussies and border collies so yes I know they have tons of energy!

  2. Aww, she's almost as big as Delaney:)

  3. She is so adorable! I love that you adopted a puppy! :)

  4. I'm not gonna say that cause I want one and she's adorable!

  5. She is so stinking cute 😃 I get to see her in a month!! Yay!

  6. Oh my goodness, she's adorable! I love that her water dish is as big as her! And the sleeping pictures, melt my heart!! Our puppy slept with us from day 1, it just seemed like the best place for him!