Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 Positive things about myself

I thought I should keep up the motivation train and say some positive things about myself today.

  1. I love when i have my pretty days :) it really shows, just like in this picture. I know I am pretty 
  2. I am a fun person. I may not be as fun or as much as a social butterfly like I use to be, but i am not a boring person, just gotta have the right people around me. 
  3. I am the blondest brunette you will ever meet, this is positive because well that means i can make someone laugh with my sillyness. :) 
  4. I am for the most part easy to get along with, when i feel like that connection with someone we generally are friends for life. 
  5. I have a huge heart. My heart has room for anyone who wants me in their life and respects me and treats me like I would them. 

Now a little back tracking to Fathers Day.
We got Delaney for the day, it was extra special because we got to have her over to the new/old house and show her awesome room! Which she approved! We ate lunch at Texas Road house and had a busy afternoon. Here are a couple pictures :) 

Tevis is a great father. He is a fun loving dad who is always gonna be there for his little girl. I hope and pray one day he can be a father to a baby of our own one day.
Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!


  1. you are very pretty and the best of friends! !! :)

  2. Yes you have a huge heart:) Beautiful inside and out!

  3. I totes agree with Reba...beautiful inside and out!!!

  4. What a great post! I think we all need to take the time to do this every once in awhile! You are such a beautiful,perpsn, I'm glad you can see it!

  5. Great post! I agree- it's so important to stay positive about ourselves. A lot of times I read too much on blogs where we bash ourselves- myself included.

    Great idea. And you are very pretty!