Monday, June 17, 2013

Making a house, OUR HOME.

 I know i've teased you all through IG mainly of pictures of the new house! I am here today to basically photo bomb you, ENJOY!

I am just going to show what we have done so far inside the house, outside will be another post sometime.

Welcome Home, finally, Britney & Tevis. 

This is the living room, BEFORE

this is living room, almost AFTER. Lots of decorating to do(notice no more WHITE WALLS)

Mounting TV above fireplace

DONE! need to hide wires still and get a small table to all of our stuff in the corner, BUT I LOVE IT above the fireplace
Taking a break, we painted Saturday from 930am-10pm
So happy to get rid of white walls, giving the walls color makes it feel more like a home.
Our friends bob and karen, helped making a house OUR HOME! 

Front door entry way, i forgot to take a before picture. We took curtains down and put window film up, great idea!

this is suppose to be the formal dinning, it will be my school corner, BEFORE

AFTER! walls painted. needs decorating

the wall way up above was already painted a DEEP red, so i decided to be bold and take it all the way down

other side of wall

bye bye white walls

waiting for it to dry before we thought of doing something else to the wall....

karen thought feathering the wall with the color we did the outside walls would tone down the deep red and be unique

picture doesnt do it justice, looks amazing in person.

painted the inside of our big window deep red and feathered that also. 

delaneys bathroom, forgot to take more before pictures, OOOPS. 

getting rid of the brown walls, gonna open it up with some yellow, Her favorite color

she loves tie dye and peace signs

almost finished product, flooring is going to be replaced soon and new toilet.
my front loaders, LOVE THEM! flooring will be replaced soon and going to paint in there soon.

delaneys room, BEFORE, blue and green

she requested pink and purple

i love these colors

delaneys surprise chair! 

looks great in her room

she came over sunday for fathers day,and she LOVES LOVES her new room

delaneys bed

nice big bed :) 

&& she got a new TV. WAHOOOO
flooring will be replaced soon

Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of our house turning into a HOME! 
still work to be done inside, but its come a long way and only took 6 days to make it the way it is! Sorry it was a lot of pictures, but have to show it off! 

the house is a 3 bedroom, two bath. I didn't show pictures of the spare bedroom or our bedroom/bathroom because nothing has been done there. that will just make for another post one day! 



  1. How exciting! Congrats on everything! Great job... ya'll move fast!

  2. Awesome Britney! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! So happy for you all :D

  3. Hanging a flat screen TV is the devil! Haha, love your front load washers!

  4. It looks so good!! The colors really do add to it, make it more cozy!! Congrats guys!

  5. you should put the pictures side by side. lookin good

  6. LOVE IT! The house is looking SO good! I am so excited about it for you! Also Delaney's room is absolutely adorable!

  7. LOOKS GREAT!! I love how it is all coming together!! I wish I could be there to help. Maybe you will let me get the pleasure of staying the night the night before the big day (Color Me Rad) :)
    oops.. Did I just invite myself? lol
    Love you best friend. Can't wait to see it in person!!