Tuesday, June 18, 2013

here is my MOTIVATION....

Things are about to get real on the blog today....
jaws may drop and i may cry.

Looking back through pictures I cant believe i thought i was FAT in high school, gosh, to have that body back. I would slap the crap outta myself for one, WOW WOW WOW!
I am gonna post some pictures, this will hopefully help with some motivation. I need Tevis to take some "before" pictures of my whole body and have him help measure myself so i can document my progress.

Now that we have finally moved and things are going to get much better, especially my anxiety. I need to get back on the wagon, i really want a gym membership, only $10 a month, i can do that!

back in 2007, i was 18, had braces and look i am in a TWO PIECE. NO idea what my weight was, but good enough to be in that bathing suit. I remember that summer i was at my lowest. I wore shorts and tank tops a lot. 

lets fast forward to 2010.... this is what happens when you get braces off, get comfortable in a relationship, birth control, infertility issues, etc etc. 
Now...2013...i think the above picture in 2010 i was at my heaviest... i am currently at 210lbs. over the course of a year i have only lost roughly 10-15lbs... in my head i am dancing, but I KNOW and smarter to know that i could have done way more to increase those numbers. My OBGYN is glad to see a drop in weight, but needs to be a bigger drop.

I know i am in a better place now to get moving and lose some weight. I want to see the scale go down a lot. I want to be out of Plus Size clothing. I don't like the word "diet" and i don't like counting calories. I must find something that will work for me. It was very hard for me to post these pictures, i don't feel like big but i know I am. Thought about liquid diet, but don't want to starve myself. I think i need to maybe start off by doing the Detox Erica did @ Loyal Run..read that HERE... and then just eat clean as possible along with NO junk food, pop, and fast food. Eating out is something we do often, it just happens and is more convenient  I just need to order better stay away from the really bad foods. I get on and off the wagon A LOT. It happens, to us all, the point is getting back on. I will of course get to exercising too, need to burn calories. I think a gym membership is my best idea right now.
I have a 5K race in September i signed up for, i want to be able to walk/run without dieing.
Please give words of advice, encouragement and praise... i do not need negative comments! Thanks! I can DO THIS!


  1. Ahhh, I remember our "fat" days in high-school! lol we were crazy! I think we mistook physical maturity to fat. I still think its amazing we were always the same size, even when I moved away. bffs have some sort of syncing mechanism lol
    you got this girl!
    my recommendation is instead of counting calories, just find out what foods you like that are low Cal and stick to the serving size! veggies are my go to foods. :) add some lean meat, beans or tofu for protein etc. :) it gets easier after u experiment a little

  2. Thank you for sharing your story - I think writing about something like this on a blog is already a step in the right direction, because now you're not the only one who knows you want to change: your readers know, too! It's the same thing with the writing challenge I'm working on now - some days I may not want to do it, but I know I have to report about it on my blog and I don't want to skimp out :)

    I've only started to get into fitness in the past year or two. Definitely try to do workouts that are fun for you. I love Zumba DVDs - I can do them in the comfort of my own home and I feel like I'm having a dance party! I also think that apps (like for the iPhone) are super helpful and you can take them with you. I'm currently using My Fitness Pal for tracking what I eat, and I've downloaded quite a few workout apps, too. I like the ones that help build up your strength. Currently I'm working on a push-up app (you build up to doing 100 push-ups in a few weeks), and the Couch to 5K app is very popular for learning to run!

    Good luck with everything! :)


  3. I totally know where you're at! Once I graduated college it was like the weight just piled on and I easily gained 30 pounds in like 4 months I swear!

  4. Honestly since I'm in the house a lot, I buy nothing but healthy snacks that way I don't even have the option of eating junk food. And we almost never eat out, lots if chicken which is great protein. and I hear good things about Jillian Michaels DVDs

  5. You can do it girl. I remember feeling so fat in high school too even though I was a size 6/8. It is so sad how society influences us so much!

  6. You can do it!!! It will be hard at first, hell is is still hard for me some days! But it is totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. way to go girl you got this! Ditching the fast food and soda will help a lot, especially since you will be working out! When I stopped drinking soda in high school I lost around 20 lbs. Also the last time I lost a decent amount of weight I would stick to a routine on what I would eat. It was always cheerios of some variety in the morning, a sandwich with veggies or fruit for lunch and then for dinner I was a little more lax and would have one more fattening side with a lean meat and veggie (like scalloped potatoes or pasta). I also allowed myself to slurge when I felt the need but tried never to do it more than twice a week. Also if you want someone to check in with you on the regular to see how you are doing just let me know, plus I love talking workout routine these days!

    PS I LOVE the new design!!

  8. You can doit Britney!! You want it so bad, it will happen! Just keep pushing!