Thursday, June 20, 2013

Free AD space. Its simple & fun.

I just have been to busy to keep up with  any weekly Link ups and today i am just drained and don't feel like writing a sincere post.

SOOOOO...ladies :)

i am giving away 6 free ad spots on my blog!
What a great easy fun way to get your blog out there.

1- Large Ad size
2- Medium Ad size
3-Small Ad Size

Of course don't forget to take advantage of the HAPPYSPRING button swap.

Wanna know how to win a spot?? I'll tell is simple.

First 6 people to e-mail me,, and tell me how i should design my bedroom.

I want some pretty good details on this, && i will also say this, i am letting Tevis hang up a few new york yankees pin stripe jerseys. So no it wont be a GIRLY bedroom. Just more curious as to what you fine ladies can come up with for paint, designs on the wall... should we have lamps on each night stand? Tv mounted on wall? (we want to mount the tv) i was thinking the chest should either go under the TV or in the corner on my side of the bed. Bedding...? what color theme should we go with? I already having colors in my head going... Just thought this would be fun :)

I am attaching some pictures, so you can day dream a minute.
My favorite design will get the free LARGE space..and go from there.
**and of course no judgement on my room, i know its ugly right now lol. We JUST moved in little over a week ago.

AND GO.......

I can't wait to get some e-mails! Hopefully i get a good response and I will contact winners on Saturday and announce them on the blog Monday! If i don't have a good response i will keep it open game until i get 6 good design e-mails! Once i do design my room i will show everyone that also! Who knows i may get some GOOD IDEAS from reading these e-mails


  1. What a great idea....I may do this to pick a color for my bathroom..

  2. we should totally swap buttons now that I have one lol

  3. The commercial is great! So well done!

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