Wednesday, June 5, 2013

so WHAT wednesday!

Good morning almost afternoon my lovely readers and followers! xoxo.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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Side Note..follow me via bloglovin' Google Reader will be gone in less than a month. 

Just a little info, I leave for Louisville, Kentucky Thursday morning and will be back to the Indy area Sunday afternoon and we start MOVING when we get back. I wont be on much so i got 6 fine ladies to help guest post for me so my blog isnt so quiet, please show them love and go check their blogs out! 

I am linking up with Life After I "Dew" as usual this week! 
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so WHAT if...
  • sat in bed until 130ish working on my research paper, I GOT IT DONE
  • i just realized i did a load of laundry, lol OOPS. when we move MY front loaders will sign to me to catch my attention
  • i am going to a bowling tournament this weekend and not bowling
  • so what if i crammed and stressed over school work just to get everything done so i can party this weekend and start moving when we get back, I AM EXCITED!
  • ive had my own house before with my ex-husband and i feel that doesn't count and my house i am moving into now DOES COUNT. 
  • i lined up 6 guest post right in a row, THIS GIRL IS BUSY! :) and dont want my blog quiet while I am gone.
  • i want to start eating better yet today i will be making TONS of no bake cookies. Oh well. Go hard or go home right? lol

Happy hump day! 
I hope everyone is having a good week so far, i am in the process of packing everything up so we are ready to move when we get back! WAHOOOO. 
So What Wednesday


  1. you'll be like 3 hours from me!

  2. woohoo! soooo super excited for u to be moving :)

  3. Way to go on finishing your research paper!!

  4. I hope you have a great weekend and your move is smooth. School is so stressful and I'm happy I'm off for the summer. Although my kids keep me busy instead now. FML.. lol

  5. mmm send me some no bake cookies :)
    Good luck with the move!

  6. I love having posts lined up! It's such a relief! And good job getting that paper done :)

  7. I'll take some of those cookies! ;-) And I see some guest posts in my future as well, I hardly have time to blog anymore!!

  8. Yay for moving, happy for you!! hope you post some pictures!

  9. No bake cookies are to die for!!!! I LOVE them so much! Damn, now I need to make them!!
    I think it's great you finished all your school work, now you can relax, party and move without worries!! Good luck girl!

  10. Just found your blog!!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up!


  11. thank you for the bloglovin reminder!
    I always follow by GFC. I'll be sad when it's gone :(