Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guest Post, Get to know Jodi @ Love and Crayons.

thanks so much jodi for guest posting and keeping my blog going while i am busy getting all moved you are such a sweet, beautiful & kind woman. Enjoy readers and followers, she has some good/funny things to say! 


Hey everyone, my name is Jodi and usually you can find me blogging over at Love and Crayons where I talk about my daily life as a mom to two super cute little boys and wife to one amazing husband Jason, and the lovely Britney has asked me to guest post for her while she is getting all moved in to her new home! Yay, congratulations to Britney and Tevis on the move!! This is only my second guest post, ever, and I must say that its nerve racking writing on someone else's page!! I don't consider myself to be all that exciting, unless toddler play dates, poopy bums and spilled milk is your thing!! So today I thought I'd spice it up and tell you some funny/embarrassing/little known facts about me!
  • When I was younger I thought mint flavored Rolaids were candy and I used to steal them and hide them under my pillow to eat after I went to bed. My mom wondered why my pillow smelt like mint, and then she found my stash!
  • This was around the same time I started to chew my toenails. No, I never ate them, just chewed them off. Who needs nail clippers anyway? Oh if only I had that much flexibility still.
  • I work in dental, am in peoples mouths all the time but I hate when saliva touches my gloves. It creeps me out!
  • There used to be a kids singing group up here in Canada called "Sharon, Lois and Bram", they had their own TV show. I used to pretend I shared a bunk bed with them and we would sing all night long.
  • If I could do anything, it would be to carry a tune. I love to sing, know all the words to songs, but sound like crap! Even my two year old tells me to stop! Ouch!
  • I can swear like a trucker!
  • I do listen to, and like, country music!
  • I can be way, way, way too sensitive and hate when I feel like I'm being left out of things.
  • I am a true blonde. I have said and done way too many things to list like asking why they only mowed one patch of grass in the middle of a field when the week before there was a giant barn torn down leaving an empty patch of grass. And one day when leaving work I reached into my bag for my sunglasses while talking to the girls. I put them on and thought things looked weird, blurry almost, like I had on prescription sunglasses, all of the girls started laughing at me and I kept asking them why. What was so funny. They asked me if I was being serious. Turns out one of the lenses had fallen out in my bag, I didn't notice when I put them on and I was standing there talking to them like normal with one lens out of my sunglasses! I was pregnant at the time, so my excuse was "baby brain" which still hasn't left me, by the way!!
Well, there you have it. Not all funny, not all embarrassing, but all true facts about me. Stop by and check out my blog, I'll try to keep you entertained! Thanks Britney for asking me to guest post, I hope your new place is everything you could want!! Andy's birfday3


  1. Skinnamarink a dink a dink! I loved the Sharon, Lois, and Bram and The Elephant Show! Haven't thought of it in ages! I also swear like a trucker. I was raised by one! Haha!