Monday, June 10, 2013

Guest Post, Why Kelsey @ Running with Tiara On loves being a teacher

Another wonderful guest post about to happen!
Give lots of love to my girl Kelsey! :) Thanks so much for keeping my blog going while i am MOVING!

Hey there! I am Kelsey and I blog over at Running With My Tiara On. I am really excited to be guest posting over here today, especially because it means Britney is off moving! What I want to tell y'all about today is why I love being a teacher. I am currently teaching 6th grade social studies and language arts. I know it's insane but I absolutely love my job. I can honestly say I am just as shocked as you are that I found my passion in middle school but I am so glad I did.

The kids I teach can get a bit rowdy but they are all awesome kids and absolutely hilarious. If you have never been in a middle school classroom you are missing out. There are days I have to cover my face because I am trying to hard not to laugh at them when I should be scolding. That being said I want to share some prime examples with you.

Things my students have said/ done
- "AVID that stands for apple versus ipod... donkies" (This was of course said by the class clown.)
- "School has come and I don't like it. We should change it." (Said to me randomly in the hall way by one of my students as she attempted to follow me to the bathroom.)
- "What does ghetto mean?" "Are you serious?!" "What! I'm a little white boy!" (Yeah everyone in the class, myself included, just about died laughing)
- And of course nothing beats when they get the giggles and just cannot stop laughing. It really takes everything I have to keep the stern look on my face!

Things my students have turned in
This was a bonus question on a test. Technically it was right, and it made me laugh, so I gave him the points!

Yes, that does say EXACTLY what you think it says and yes of course I texted it to everyone I thought would laugh

Quite possible my favorite ever. The essay was about how women's lives were different and similar now and in the 1800's

And to end this post I will leave you with a video where you can hear my students repeating the Pledge of Allegiance. I teach at a school on a military base so they are all very patriot it and always end it with a little some thing special :)


  1. Nothin like a good sandwich! Haha great post! Kids are the best.

  2. I love this post. Nothing like the things from the mouth of babes....