Friday, June 21, 2013

5 things on FRIDAY! TGIF!

I usually do  different link up on Friday BUT decided to switch it up! 
I am linking up with some amazing ladies for a fun 5 on Friday blog post! 

  1. Today was a good day, Miss Delaney got a new BIKE! We had mrs. curls (a small amazing ice cream joint) before dinner LOL and then we breakfast for dinner, eggs, bacon, toast! 

2. I got some awesome mail since we moved in, I LOVE MAIL! My best friend Erica got me my first ever Essie Nail Polish. She has started a new addiction! 

3. I woke up yesterday to an e-mail from Instagram. They had an awesome new upgrade, we can now upload videos, like KEEK and VINE. I am not a huge fan of videos but hey it keeps things interesting. 

4. We have been able to relax and enjoy our home. I cant say enough how happy i am the way things have turned out in the inside. Getting rid of the white walls made such a difference and made it feel more home-y. CHANGE IS A GOOD THING, and i do not regret it. 

5. Tomorrow we are taking Delaney to the Marion County fair, her 4H projects are in the exhibit and going to be judged. I cannot wait to see her projects and have her show us everything she did this past year. I am so happy, excited and proud of her. 

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope all my awesome readers have had a great week and even better weekend! 


  1. Love the new bike and I have yet to buy any Essie polish. Maybe I need too!

  2. Come paint my nails! Haha my hands look so trailer park right now and well always! You are a great step-mama!!

  3. Love your nails :D The colour is indeed pretty!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. She looks like she LOVES her new bike. I LOVE LOVE Essie.... and Zoya.

  5. Love the Essie nail color!

  6. Her bike is so cool! I'm going nail polish addicted too.
    Got you from Sarah's blog post & yay you gained a new follower. Aar, I think I'm commenting in a right way, haha.