Friday, June 14, 2013

New Chapter! Life is good!

Hello everyone!! I hope i have been missed, i know i have missed the blogging community!
I hope everyone enjoyed the girls who guest posted for me. I appreciate it so much.
As of last Sunday, we closed and opened up a new chapter. We are in our own house and doing lots and lots of work to it, this house needed some major TLC, and let me tell you it is getting it! I will have posts up soon of before and afters. I cant wait to show everything off!

One of the reasons for this blog was to talk about my PCOS and TTC(trying to conceive) Well today i had the pleasure of having my yearly appointment.

As if those appointments aren't awkward enough, i was sweating bullets because it was hot and i was scared for bad news, I ended up sweating so much the paper on the table stuck to my ass, SO EMBARRASSING LOL.

So everything looked and felt good my doctor said i was relieved just gotta wait on pap results. I will always worry but know Everything is OK.

We talked about starting to for real try for a BABY! First thing we need to do is tevis need to go see a Urologist, which we got a referral. Once we go there we will know more answers. I don't want to go into great detail, so i can respect tevis' privacy, but he has some issues due to diabetes so we gotta figure out our options.

Only bad news was, my blood pressure was high, PCOS, stress, and worrying all was apart of that.

Good news..... last June at my visit i was 220lbs.... back in November i got up to i think 226 and weighed in today... 210lbs(with clothes on)... WAHOOOO! that makes me happy, and makes sense on how my body has been working and i have been having aunt flow visit on her own. All she wants me to do is get back into exercising and keep losing that weight. My goal was to be right under 200 by June, but life got in the way. I have a 5K in September and I will be ready for it :) gotta be able to keep up with my best friend Erica!

Also, welcome all new followers, i hope you stick around and read about my everyday life, i am a random blogger! :)

here is a little preview of some stuff we have done outside! :) I am so happy to be a homeowner! Lots of work but we have the best help ever.

Big bushes are out but not even close to be completely done yet.  JUST STAY tuned :) 


  1. the house is looking great! I'm so glad u get to make it your own right away :)
    BTW, not too long ago I was at the Dr and the paper got stuck between my cheeks lol so when I had to scoot down, I took a chunk with me bahahahaha

  2. very nice! I laughed at that comment about your ass and hubs asked what was so funny lol

  3. So happy your appointment went well. The house looks adorable, can't wait to see lots more pics.

  4. It looks so nice!! I can't wait to see more pictures! The color today on Instagram is so nice!!

  5. yay on your weightloss and that things went well at your appointment! I can't wait to see more about your house!