Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Little Re-Evaluating never hurt anyone

I read this POST by Sarah from Scissors and a Whisk and I was so inspired and it made me take a moment and think!

I am all about getting more traffic on my blog and "meeting" new followers. I did a cool little giveaway to jump start my traffic and followers. I have co-hosted some fun link ups and enter a bunch of giveaways in hoping i will win whatever they are giving away. are you getting what I am saying?

I am too focused on the traffic my blog is getting and how many followers I can get. BAD blogger britney, BAD blogger!

I currently have 42 GFC followers & 45 Bloglovin' followers. I can only hope that at least half of you read my blog!

After reading Sarah's post last night, it just got me thinking a lot about my blog. I need to STOP focusing on the traffic and getting more followers and focus on being a good blogger and letting the readers and followers get to know me and read about my life. My blog isn't a specific topic, i am a random blogger about my everyday life and all the struggles i endure. I want people to stay interested So please any suggestions are more then welcome.

I will continue to do fun link ups, maybe co-host some, and do random fun little giveaways, but i will not RELY on them. Sarah wrote about these HUGE giveaways bloggers do, and although the prizes are amazing i understand when she says it is crazy to have to go FOLLOW 26 people first before doing other entries. I don't honestly want to follow 26 random people when i wont have time to read everyone's blogs. I try to keep my daily readings fairly low or else i am going to feel obligated to read blogs and then get frustrated i cant get through them and end up just giving up on the blogging community.

I am just here to "meet" new people and write about my life. I don't push for you to pay to be on my blog 100x's a day and wont be mad if i lose followers. My Blog is my online Journal and well everyone else is just a bonus who are my loyal readers. Thanks for reading this post today and maybe after reading mine and Sarah's you will take a moment and re-evaluate why you blog.

you're meaghan me crazy
I am trying my best to join Meaghan and blogging everyday in June. :) 


  1. I read her article thanks to your link. Thanks for sharing. I agree- for me blogging is really about just writing and reading other people's awesome stuff. I don't wanna follow a blog I will never really read.

  2. I AGREE 110%. I have decided I will enter giveaways and only follow those I want to. If I don;t win, I don't win...

  3. I literally just unfollowed 3 people before stopping by your blog because seriously all they've been doing is giveaways and reviews and I honestly can't remember the last time I read a genuine post from them. SO good for you hun

  4. I totally agree. I'm not going to completely stop ups and I do want to give the occasional giveaway but its so important to me for my reader to know me and for me to gwt to know them. This was an awesome post!

  5. I agree!!! it's one of the reasons I started over!! most of my followers haven't followed my new blog, but it is okay! I blog for me anyways! and I love the loyal followers I do have! :)

  6. love this!! I have totally been there where I would wake up every morning and check my followers, I craved more!
    then I soon realized I didn't want my blog to be 'work' I wanted it to be fun!
    I stopped expecting to be best friends with everyone and finally just focused on the handful of people I really connected with and felt like I had known forever.
    you want to be able to look back on this blog in ten years and love all the random moments you caught and wrote down!
    I love me some link ups but I also love just rambling on about anything.
    your blog rocks girl, keep it up!

  7. I agree with all of this!!! I have taken part of one giveaway, and am dong another this week for Father's Day. I was exited to get my first few followers, but now I never even look at my numbers. If people want to read, then I'd love them to. If not, no big deal!! And the blogs I read daily I have really cut down on too!! It really is a job in itself! Lol!

  8. Yeah blogging is more challenging then it appears. Also you should ask why are doing it, is it more of hobby? Or do see it as a potential business or as a way to transition in to another field or work? But yes before worrying about traffic it is important to know why you are doing it and focusing on the content, writing and design of it first. But let me help you out there. Following via Bloglovin.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  9. I went to WordCamp Austin a few weeks ago and every speaker had a common theme: followers come from great content. At least you have THAT many followers! Haha, my numbers suck BUT I've gained a few (so far...) really great friendships from blogging and it definitely makes me feel a lot less homesick. Have you noticed how NICE bloggers are? :-) It's easy to get stuck on the numbers but quality>quantity, you have great people following you, keep it up!

  10. I know what you mean! Getting a steady stream of readers can take a while (a really, really long while), but if you keep writing great posts that people enjoy they will come :)