Friday, October 11, 2013


1. This has started off to be a huge hit, we have over 30 people signed up. Today is the last day to sign up, so please get signed up and help spread the word for the last few hours to get signed up. We will work over the weekend to get everyone partnered up. Never did a swap so not sure how bloggers before have partnered people up! I cant wait to see what everyone gets :) Click HERE to read about the Swap. 
2. I would love to tease my readers and tell them I have something very special to share with you, and soon enough you will know.

3.  Storm is 4 months old, she is 35lbs and the most energetic, loving, and beautiful dog in this world. She is the most stubborn, has a short attention span, and the most ornery dog i have ever had. She is A LOT of work, keeps me on my toes and i wouldn't have it any other way. She has brought so much joy to our lives that i couldn't see our life without her. She makes me laugh and yell daily but knows how to make up with her lovings and kisses :)

She is all done getting her puppy shots!!! Such a good big pretty girl :) 

She wanted to help momma pre-wash the dishes :) 

Just being her normal ornery self. 

4. So miss Delaney is going to be in Florida next week, i am going to miss her and knowing she is so far away is crazy. BUT SHE IS GONNA BE HAVING A BLAST IN DISNEY WORLD! Its her first time and also first time on an airplane, cant wait to see some pictures and hear all about her trip when she gets back and stays with us for a week :) 

5. It's Friday, say a little prayer for Tevis, he has yet another eye appointment, he will probably get injections in his eyes again. We want to stay away from having to have surgery, his eyes need to stop bleeding and get better, he needs his vision to watch his daughter grow up. Diabetes is a terrible disease. Tevis has been through so much and i just wish and pray his health just gets better and he doesn't have to worry or stress about it. I guess that would be too easy, huh? Thanks in advance. 


  1. Keeping Tevis in my thoughts. Storm is getting so big!! But soooo cute!!

  2. i am absolutely MELTING at the cutiepup pics!!! AAAAA SO CUTE! found you on the linkup...YAY! happy friday, love!


  3. Is Storm a lab or a golden? Either way she is precious beyond words! I miss my puppy being that small! He's only 6 months but he was around 35lbs a few weeks after we brought him home, haha!

  4. Poor Tevis!! I just can't imagine having to go through all of that. You know I love cute little Storm!! AND...I wonder what the big news is....HMMMMMMM

  5. Oh no, poor Tevis. How did his appointment go!!

  6. She is growing so fast!
    Also prayers for Tevis! (Even though I am way late!)