Monday, October 7, 2013

Keep Calm, its only MONDAY ;)

Hello all you lovely people :) 

WOW. We had such a great first day of sign ups for our Friendly Fall Swap that Alicia @ Brew MamaME @ Lady Luck, & Jodi@ Love and Crayons are hosting! We will stop sign ups on Friday the 11th, so we can get everyone partnered up! I just looked we have 23 sign ups! We of course need even people to sign up and get everyone a partner! So GO SPREAD THE WORD! 

Go HERE <-------- and sign up! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was very rainy and lazy. We are trying to save money for our vacation in November and Christmas time, so this was the first weekend we did not do anything at all. I literally stayed in my pj's all day today and have watched nothing but FOOTBALL! My lovely Colts won today and Peyton Manning was a beast as usual so the broncos won :) 

Lastly, i would love to talk about my adorable fur baby, Storm! If you don't follow me on IG then you miss out on her cuteness and of course get to see how she grows! 

I love comparing pictures like this! She is not my little chubby puppy anymore! 

She is a BIG help ;) she helps pre-wash all the dishes. haha! 

We left her with our best friends few weekends ago, other then that she is always with us and never has been anywhere with people we don't know. So Friday she had her first grooming appointment. We had a free one with pet smart, we took her there at 12:30 and picked her up at 3:30. I am that person who cried a little when we dropped her off, i was just nervous. But i was crazy i should have been happy i got a break LOL. I went home and did homework and didn't have to worry about a puppy getting into everything, it was heaven and then i was done and it was too quiet. Couldn't wait to pick her up! She did great at the groomers and of course she was loved by everyone.

Its a lot of work to be beautiful ;) 

She missed her daddy!

I missed her so much. 

We are also going to get her into doggy daycare. We have a very nice place called Barkefellars its like $16 for 5 hours and $23 for a full day. This will help her socialize with other dogs and also help our energetic dog get some good play time. We've decided like one day a week, which will help me be able to get homework done uninterrupted. Plus this place is where we will board her when we go on vacation in November. We took a tour of the place on Friday and our best friends take their dogs there and many others..

Well I will be busy kicking butt doing my homework this week, i must have everything done before friday, we had a fun weekend coming up :) Wish my luck. 



  1. I just love Storm...She's so cute and it's so much comparing her and Mack. I'm super jealous of your lazy weekend. I need one soon!!! I'm soooooooooo excited about our Friendly Fall Swap..

  2. BTW...We have 24 friends signed up!!!

  3. She is an adorable puppy!! I love it that you are taking her to get some socialization time!!
    And, I love the swap too!! Great idea! We have so many!!

  4. I'm super excited for the fall swap :)
    I'll share in my blog.
    Storm is just adorable!!! 😍