Friday, October 4, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Friendly Fall Swap!

We are so excited about hosting our first swap and I believe there will be more in the future.
Swaps are a great way to meet someone knew and get a fun package along the way. Everyone loves getting mail, so sign up and make someone’s day!

The limit is $15-$20 (shipping not included) to treat your partner with a fun fall themed package you would like to receive yourself…

Items could be:
Fall scarf
Starbucks gift card
Coffee cups
Nail polish
Halloween candy(get you partners fave candy)
Lip gloss/chap stick to keep our lips from getting chapped since its starting to get cooler

The list goes on… GO HAVE FUN SHOPPING!

Some Rules…
1. Sign up below by entering your name, email address, and blog address
2. We will email you with your partner and their contact information by October 14th
3. E-mail your partner and start a conversation with them, follow them on IG and twitter, check out their blog and find out some thing’s they like for fall.
5. Send your package out by October 21st
6. and on October 28th have your post ready and come link up with us to show off your goodies.

Please feel free to spread the word on IG and twitter and even on your blog! 


  1. So excited to do this with you ladies and many others of our blogger buddies!!

  2. I'm so happy wi the turn out! Great idea, ladies! And thanks for including me! Xoxo

  3. I am so bummed that I don't have the extra money to join..... maybe next time.....

    1. I am bummed too girly! But maybe next time :)

  4. How exciting! I can't wait to see your Favorite Color Swap recap post! :)