Monday, October 21, 2013


Happy Monday! Its just after 2pm and i am just not getting online to get started on homework for the week and get a post up for the day. 

I got my package out this morning to my lovely partner!  Don't forget to get you package out. Posts will go live next week to show off what ya got starting October 28th. 

I am a lover of football, always have been a colts fan, a Manning fan and still am even though he is now a Bronco. I was excited about this game and this game only, Colts vs Broncos. 
I was thinking this is going to be a great and memorable game. I am going to be glad i was at this game and etc etc. Everyone cheered for Peyton, i was excited to see him in the house he built, It had to of been so emotional for him. I am not sure if his emotions got the best of him or what but THE COLTS KICKED BUTT and It's Andrews house now! 

We won 39-30

Lucas Oil Stadium was off the hook last night! Took us an hour to get to our seats when normally it takes 20 minutes. I was pumped up, cheering and yelling the whole game. It was a great atmosphere and SUCH A HUGE WIN for the colts! 

Just heard today Reggie Wayne #87 is out for the rest of the season :( Torn ACL. I hope he gets better and has a speedy recovery to come back and kick butt next year. 

Andrew Luck during National Anthem 

Sarah Evans sang national anthem and was the halftime performance 

Lucas Oil at night


He was cold :) 

Oh man do i love that man! I love that we share football together. 

We try to take Storm to doggy daycare once a week to Socialize her, let run and play outside all afternoon and as you can tell IT WORKS WONDERS. She is a 4 month old energetic puppy. This helps us too haha 

Erica and I throughout the years, have been best friends since middle school! We have been through so much but have finally realized we need each other and even though we are 2 hours apart we are the best of friends and always there for each other, Not a day goes by where we don't text. I love her! She blogs over at Loyal RUN, i wish she would get into it more but with time it'll come back :) I love ya girl 

Saturday morning was spent at target spending little too much money on myself and my partner! Enjoying a yummy pumpkin spice white mocha from Starbucks. 

Seen this on Facebook, i just need an ice tray but going to make these for Storm! 

Got some cute pictures of my niece over the weekend, she is so pretty and precious! 

I sure cant wait to see her in a few weeks! 


  1. It's Monday; everyone is moving slow! I just did my blog post an hour's Monday! BUT, I put your package in the mail bright and early. I can't wait to hear if like it. Your friendly fall swap partner --Bec

  2. Ok I still have not blogged today.. SO you are doing way better then me!! I can't wait for the link up!

  3. I have never been to an NFL game! I bet it's so fun! Jason wanted to watch this game yesterday, but for some reason it didn't record so he was pretty bummed! Especially when he saw everyone's posts about it!

  4. I bet that was a fun game for you to be at! I live in Denver and my Facebook feed was blowing up about that game! I'm not a football fan myself (we're a hockey family!) but I hear about Manning and the Broncos all the damn time, hahaha!