Wednesday, October 2, 2013

so WHAT Wednesday

Life After I Dew 

Hey my lovely readers. Linking up with Shannon from Life After I "Dew" for SO WHAT Wednesdays! If you don't follow her, you should!

this is what i am saying SO WHAT to....

  • if I spend most days in my yoga pants, they are amaze-balls :) 
  • if my puppy jumps in the bathtub every-time i go to the bathroom, she likes water and have recently discovered she is big enough to jump in and out lol. 
  • if i wake up early with storm, take her out, feed her and we go back to sleep on the couch until 11 sometimes. I am a night owl so i need extra sleep haha.
  • if i was still doing home at 8:30 this past sunday night, its so NOT like me to procrastinate but last week was hella busy... 
  • if i should be focusing on buying and saving for Christmas but all i wanna do is buy for me lol 
  • if my puppy is the smartest and biggest in her class. shes our big smart girl :) 
  • if you are busy, if i text you text me back, NOT THAT HARD i know you read it. 
  • if people from my past still get to me, i know its been basically three years but i hate that i am still being judged and people still hate me
  • if i am weak sometimes, it shows who i really am. 
  • if i feel unhappy sometimes, I am a girl, i am always wanting MORE! 
Well that's enough rambling .....

3 years today i made a risky decision and it ended up being the best decision ever. Everything happens for a reasn <3 I love him! 


  1. "I know you read it" hahaha love this!!!

  2. Your lost totally sounds like me!! Well, except the puppy, sleep in part, and achool!! Lol!! I hate people who don't stop judging! And, if I don't get answers to texts!!