Wednesday, October 23, 2013

so WHAT Wednesday Link Up

Life After I Dew


* Its almost 6pm and i am just now posting. Gotta keep my readers happy

* I was up until 4am last night watching my DVR shows, haha i knew i would not have time today 

* I was extremely relieved to have storm outta the house yesterday while she played at doggy daycare. It wore her out, she got to socialize with other dogs and i didn't have to stress about her getting into everything lol 

* i have some pretty big news to tell everyone, yet you all have to WAIT!!!!

* I am sitting here with a sweatshirt on and my hood up, ITS COLD

* i complain in the summer because i hate to be hot, guess what? you will hear my complain about winter, because i hate being cold!

* i wish my homework would do itself, i would really appreciate that
* i think money grows on trees. LOL 

* i am dreading making dinner, but need to save money and COOK. 

* i have more blogger friends then real life friends, my blogger friends are amazing!!!!

I hope everyone is having a great HUMP day and a great week so far. I have been focusing on getting homework done and entertaining Delaney, we have her for the week. 

Friendly Fall Swap packages should have been already sent out and maybe even to their partners already. use #friendlyfallswap2013 if you post on twitter or IG. We would love you to show off your items on your blog next week in a post. So get them ready, Monday will start the LINK UP. 


  1. DVR...what did we do without it? I got my package today, and I LOVE it. You were too generous. XO --Becky

  2. Blogger friends are GREAT! I have more blogger friends than real life friends too.

  3. I love my blogger friends...including can you tell we only send a billion texts a day. I hate to tell ya but I love the cold... not necessarily being cold but the just not being hot is what I like. Are you confused?? I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone got in their swap packages. I'm happy you posted today!

  4. I love my blogger fiends too!! And I also think, or wish, money grew on trees! And HATE cooking!!