Thursday, October 24, 2013

Never to late, thankful Thursday Link Up!

YES I AM late to posting today but at least I am :) 

I love Thursdays! We have weekly dinner with a couple of  our best friends, i enjoy their company so much. 

I love doing Link Ups, it gives me something to write about and share, instead of babbling on and sometimes I "meet" new people :) 

I am Thankful for....

- for all the people who welcomed me with open arms in Tevis' life.
- that Tevis is still with me to this day, he almost died on me almost 2 years ago. 
- my health. As far as i know i am pretty healthy
- My family being so supportive for moving little over 2 hours away
- i am thankful for my cute little niece, she is one loved girl
- for Delaney, i may not ever be a mom and she will be the closest thing i have to being a mom figure too
- music, it always puts me in a great mood! 
- tevis. He is my everything. He supports be and backs me on anything i do in life. He has allowed me to focus on school so one day i can I find a great job. 

I could go on for hours for what I am thankful for, but i will save them for next Thursday! 
Have a great Thursday night everyone! 

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