Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So WHAT Wednesday! & Showing off my new Design!

Hello Everyone!
So do you all see anything different? Anything at all???
NEW BLOG DESIGN, by the one and only Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars
Venus Trapped in Mars />

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                              Life After I Dew 
Now on to what i am Saying SO WHAT to.....


- I have almost all this week and next weeks homework done, i get a trip to Tenn. next weekend and going to ENJOY IT!!!

- I have my days where I do not get out of my pj's

- I slept until Noon on Tuesday, I must have needed it.

- I am dragging Tevis to yet another photo session this weekend, its with my side of the family this time. I am sad we cant include Delaney but maybe next year.

- my DVR is always full of shows, i am a TV junkie.

- I may not get to decorate full out for Christmas, we have an ornery puppy, haha

- I know we live in a decent neighborhood but i want a security system SO BAD, it will help me sleep better at night

- I can't get over my addiction with Diet Mountain Dew.

- I know i need to start taking my daily vitamins, yet i still dont.

- I love my new design a little too much, its well over do and looks great. I feel so much better about my blog now!

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  1. I love you new design!! I'm still super jealous you slept in until so jealous!

  2. Oh em gee the new design fits perfectly! Awesome!

  3. Love your new look!!! :-) Its so bright and eye catching.
    Totally agree on the security system. Our apartment complex is gated and has 2 locks on the ground level, yet I still freak out at every noise and hate the window near the landing door -_- #paranoidproblems
    Annnd vitamins... I started taking fish oil capsules because my eye dr told me my eyes get blurry from being dry and that helps with eye sight. I take biotin to my hair grow (it works!) But my favorite are Flinstone multi-vitamins :-) I bought them to encourage Toby to take vitamins, it didn't work and now I munch on them. They taste like candy!!! But I heard eating too many = laxative.

  4. Love, love, love the new look! Great colors too!! I have pj days all the time! In fact, I'm in them right now! Yay!!