Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on Friday

I am so glad it is Friday, my weekend is going to be pretty great. The only BAD thing is i need to finish my coding class homework but i will get it done i always do. 

I hope everyone has had a great week and has some fun things to do over the weekend. 

-I am linking up for 5 on Friday.... :) My best friend Megan and my nephew Tucker are coming to see Tevis and I this weekend. She is staying the night Saturday. She has requested cheesecake factory, so we are doing that for lunch and I want to make her a yummy steak dinner, she is excited. Megan is expecting her second baby next month, my 2nd niece :) i am so excited for her. Megan is very special to me and has a big place in my heart. When i split from my ex-husband she was one of the very few that stuck by my side and never judged me. I am so ready to show her my house and spend time quality time with her. 

- Sunday we are doing family pictures with Tevis' moms side of the family. We are being brave and bringing Storm for out little family picture. It will be a nice tradition to start and shes apart of our family :) && next weekend we are going to my parents house for some big family news and family pictures. I cant wait to SEE MY NIECE!!!! Cant wait to show you all our family pictures. Below is three photos from last year :)

- So i have been back in College since September 23rd 2012. I should be graduating December 20th, 2014. and Let me tell you... I AM READY TO BE DONE!!! I take 3 classes each 12 week semester, and that is considered full time. I can not imagine doing 4 or 5 like most students are doing, i spend hours and hours on school work. I am so thankful i am in a place in my life where I do not have to work and I can just focus on school. I am so thankful for Tevis. As soon as this semester is over i have a two week break and I cannot wait. I am a little worn out with school but i gotta stay positive and keep trucking on. When i graduate i will have so may people proud of me and be able to finally start my career! WISH ME LUCK

- Christmas is just around the corner, money might not the best for us this year and christmas gifts are going to be limited but i am excited to have family all around to spend it with. I am mostly excited to decorate my house with Christmas decorations, i am actually a little sad i wont be able to put a tree up because of our ornery puppy Storm, but we will see. We are going for a non traditional tree. White with blue lights and all sports themed, Colts, Yankees, Michigan Wolverines. It'll make Tevis happy and that's all that matters to me :) I love making our own tradition! Tevis and I wont be giving christmas gifts to each other this year, which is hard for both of us. We decided that if money is ok we get all dressed up make a reservation and have dinner at St. Elmos downtown Indy. Which if anyone knows is Peyton Mannings favorite place and I think he owns some of it or put money into it. Not completely positive, but its a great place to eat, and not cheap!

- Lastly, i hope everyone who signed up for the Friendly Fall Swap enjoyed getting to "meet" someone new and getting a pretty awesome package in the mail :) I love swaps and cant wait to read everyone's post on what they got next week. Maybe we will do another one if we get the same amount sign ups and feedback! Stay tuned for that!!
We will have a link up starting Monday to show off what you got, please make sure you link up and if you post on IG or Twitter use #friendlyfallswap2013


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  1. Sounds like you're going to have a busy weekend too.. I hope you have tons of fun with your BF..

  2. School will be done before you know it!
    Those family photos are great! I can't wait to see the ones from this year!
    Enjoy your weekend with your friend!

  3. I sooo cannot wait to see your pics!!!!! Eeek!