Tuesday, October 15, 2013

All things weekend, Wrap up!

Good Morning! 

My house is smelling like fall time and looking like Halloween! I am loving it! 
Its a start :) I am excited i was able to go buy some fall and Halloween decorations.  I love having my house house to be able to do stuff like this. I probably should not have spent the money BUT i can use most of it again next year, so WIN in my book :) 

use #friendlyfallswap2013 on IG and Twitter!!

Partners were announced on Monday, check out MY POST or Alicia's or Jodi's to see who your lovely partner is! REMINDER that you need to contact your partner get to know them a little bit and have their package in the mail next Monday In time for everyone to show them off by Monday October 28th. 

My weekend was fun and exhausting, but i enjoyed every moment of it! Our friends Steve, Mandy and their daughter came to stay the weekend. We had Delaney Friday night and most of Saturday also. Saturday afternoon was girls day before I took Delaney home. Mandy, Delaney, bailey and I went and had lunch and then went to get pedicures. It was Baileys first time and she loved it! Pedicures are so relaxing, i love them! 

Saturday night we had a little party, and LOTS OF LAUGHS! I have not laughed that much in my life and believe it or now i was asleep before 1am. I love getting everyone together and most importantly being able to have it at Tevis and I's house! I love having people come over, even if i stress over how clean my house must be first. 

Well, as you know i have a very energetic puppy. You may have read before we've talked about putting her in doggy day care. Well we did Friday and Saturday about 5 or 6 hours each day. Friday we dropped her off at noon, we went up to the balcony to spy on her, poor baby had her tail tucked and just sat there while other puppies tried to play and sniffed her out. From her report card, she was so shy and only met a couple other dogs but did play in the pools a little bit and played fetch. I know with time it'll get better. Saturday i was worried about her ornery energetic self being around everyone that was coming to our party so i decided to take her back to doggy day care from 11-430ish and boy did it do wonders. I was able to leave her outta her cage and around everyone she slept a lot and was very nice and calm, THANK GOD! Her report card for the second day said she was very sweet, still shy but was warming up quicker to other puppies. They got the pools out again and she of course loved that. So doggy daycare is a SUCCESS!!!
Laying on the deck with everyone, and just sleeping away :) 

Bob thought it would be funny to act like she was passed out drunk. 

Sunday morning! Being cuddling and sweet in bed! 

Sunday night, APPARENTLY her bed isn't good enough. 

This is my new wall art i put up today along with my Halloween decorations. Fits perfectly in our home with our dog. Tevis LOVES it!

Last, i will leave you with some MAJOR cuteness
My niece is just adorable! i love her eyes! Cant wait to see her this weekend! 

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Much love from me, xoxo! 


  1. I love everything about fall....I'm loving the decorations too. Storm is getting so big. Her and Mack need a playdate... so their mommy's can have a playdate. lol

  2. Love the wall art! And your niece, and Storm!! I'm glad the doggie daycare is working!! And that's great you had such a fun night, and weekend!