Monday, October 14, 2013

Time to announce PARTNERS!!! Friendly Fall Swap

Good Morning! HAPPY MONDAY!

I was so excited to do this with Jodi and Alicia and i was doubting how many people we would get, i was hoping for at least 10 and we got 38 WAHOOO!

So now the fun starts...getting to know your partner. Email them and introduce yourself, stalk  read their blog or check out their Instagram.
The goal is to get to know them a little and make a new friend...we all need new friends!


I posted the rules and timeline below,  just in case you have any other questions...

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Remember this is our first time doing a swap so I'm sure we will have a bump or two. 

I hope everyone enjoys Friendly Fall Swap as much as we have planning it!

The limit is $15-$20 (shipping not included) to treat your
partner with a fun fall themed package you would like to receive yourself…

Items could be:
Fall scarf
Starbucks gift card
Coffee cups
Nail polish
Halloween candy(get you partners fave candy)

Lip gloss/chap stick to keep our lips from getting

chapped since its starting to get cooler

The list goes on… GO HAVE FUN SHOPPING!

Some Rules…
1. Sign up below by entering your name, email address,
and blog address
2. We will email you with your partner and their contact
information by October 14th
3. E-mail your partner and start a conversation with
them, follow them on IG and twitter, check out their blog and find out some
thing’s they like for fall.
5. Send your package out by October 21st
6. and on October 28th have your post ready and come link up with us to show off your goodies.

If anyone decides that they no longer want to participate or are no longer able to participate, please let me know ASAP.  We want everyone that participates to receive a package...

Angela@ Mean Ang
Stephanie@ Steph’s Space
Alicia@Brew Mama
Crystal@Crystal Michelle’s Mess
Rachel@ Oneway Ticket ToOnederland
Valerie@ Fab Chick Gets Fit
K@ Keeping up With K
Candra@ Camo & Lipstick
Jodi@ Love and Crayons
Karie@ Carrot Cake and Jeans
Kristin@ Hopelessly Ever After
Shirley@ Almost Shirley
Becky@ Weezers Word of Wisdom
Lauren@ Another Mom, Another Blog
Danielle@ Lean Green Mama
Michelle@ Did I Really Say That?
Amy@ Getz Girl on Fire
Lisa@ Butterflies and Hurricanes
Mama Tay LeMay
Amanda Z@ My Very Own Modern Family
Mariko@ Budziak Beauty
Erica@ Loyal Run
Instagram- carly1972
Royal@ Royal Proclaims
Ashley@ A Cute Angle
Kati@ Keeping Up with Kati
Sue@ Limefreckle

Rebecca@ Everyday Life
Instagram- notyourcupoftea809
Jenn@ Feel That Fire
Desiree@ Macke Monologues
Britney@ Lady Luck
Becky@ Mommy Trilogy
Brittany Whelpley
Libby@ Libby’s Life
Marcy@ The Mustache Diaries
Libby@ My Life as Mrs. G

Let us know if your information is incorrect. We will get it corrected also! 
Thanks everyone so much for signing up. This was our first and I plan on doing more in the future, its a good way to meet someone new :) 


  1. Hi, Partner! I just saw your email, and I am so excited. --Bec

  2. i haven't gotten an email yet about swap partner did I miss the swap I have my box ready to go.