Monday, November 11, 2013

Guest Post- Areeba @ I Have A Messy Bun Blog

Hey Lady Luck's lovely readers, I'm Areeba & I blog over I Have A Messy Bun Blog.
 I write about anything-lifestyle-everything-awesomeness with a sprinkle of sarcasm. I'm so happy to guest post on Britney's blog today, lovely lady she is!
When I first started blogging, I thought you gotta write all the stuff down, put pretty pictures and you're done having blogger's crown on your head. Ouch, no! Blogging isn't like this, you gotta have some etiquettes. I made some (many) mistakes in start & I don't want anyone to make them again. I was a no-reply blogger (the biggest shit ever) and other stuff that piss me off if I look at all that stuff today. So that's what you're going to read today, 5 shits mistakes that a blogger shouldn't make!

Being a no-reply blogger
The biggest mistake ever. Still, many bloggers don't know what is this. Simple, you reply your comments through emails. It's really easy peazy, go to your blogger profile and do this : Just tick the show my email address box & you're done!

If you ask me, I actually made "friends" in bloggy land through replying comments in emails and then talking for weeks. That's the magic. Psst, are you still a no-reply blogger? I'll keep preaching about this issue!

Not using twitter
Twitter is the boss! I was told this sentence by a blogging friend and I follow her advice of using twitter religiously. I betcha girl, using twitter is the best way to get into blogging world and not using it is a mistake. Tweet tweet tweet a lot! I'm sorry in advance if you become addicted!

Ignoring your lovers
Everyone's a celebrity in blogsphere. There's always a joy when someone comments/tweets/emails you.
At least I'm like this!
Reply each and everyone! I know I know it's hard to pay a visit to everyone but give 30 seconds to you reader to reply! But if you don't, I'll call you a bad blogger. Don't ignore who loves ya!

Sponsoring irrelevant blogs
Aka blogs out of your niche. Having a lifestyle blog and sponsoring DIY + Crafts blog is a mistake. When I did a little survey a while ago and asked a question about sponsoring a blog. The most answers said that sponsoring a blog which is of your own niche is the best option.
Well, there's no objection in buying ad on your fav-o blog and I consider it not-so-biggie-mistake but it still is.

Looking at others
Getting inspiration from others isn't bad, I must say it's great. But I said inspiration not being a copycat! Be real, be yourself, you're blogging for yourself. Don't think before posting that what would that xxx blogger would do if she was writing this kinda post? Naah, give your own self a chance! You're already a star!

That's all. I'm done with preaching all this stuff. Is there any more mistakes that I forgot to mention?
Come meet me over my blog someday! Thanks Britney for having me today :)
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