Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let's try this again!

I start and stop this journey over and over and over!
It's time yet again to try and get back on the right path of leading a healthier lifestyle.
My eating HABITS SUCK!!!!!!

I downloaded My Fitness Pal, logged all my food on Tuesday. My username is britney502.
I hope to continue tracking my calories and getting tons of support from my awesome RLF and Blogger friends.

I do have a cheat day, mainly Saturdays where i don't worry about calories but i will consciously know to be good still. Counting calories suck sometimes lol.

I am drinking a shake for breakfast.
It includes:
Slim fast meal replacement powder
1 cup of milk
Altogether about 270 calories. 

The last week for my lunches i have been having:
-Turkey Wraps with fruit
-Turkey sandwiches on toasted wheat bread with a bag of baked chips (only 110 calories), string cheese
-Salad & Green Tea
-Tuna Wraps/sandwiches with fruit
-Tuna w/crackers with fruit or whatever

I just eat whatever fruit or veggies i have in my fridge. :)

It really varies on what I have, i try to look up good healthy recipes. I eat chicken, pork chops, salads, crock pot meals, etc etc.
Tonight i made Chicken, Cauliflower mash and a small salad! && i am under calories still so i will most likely have a healthy snack still before bed :)
This is all it took to make the cauliflower mash. SO GOOD! 

Here is the recipe! :) 

1 Head Fresh Cauliflower
2 Tablespoons Water
1 Pinch (to taste) Salt
1 Pinch (to taste) pepper
1 Teaspoon Garlic Salt/Powder
Parmesan Cheese(however much you want)
2 Tablespoons Butter

Clean and section Cauliflower, 
get a pot of water to boil, once boiling put the cauliflower in there for approximately 9-10 minutes (until tender). 
Remove, drain, add seasonings and mash by hand, mixer or food processor(i used a mixer).
and ENJOY! 

Depending on your carbohydrate intake for a more creamy consistency you can add cheese, creamy dressing, sour cream or additional butter to taste.

There are SOO many recipes out there for cauliflower mash! So get on pinterest and check them out! 
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Much love, xoxo 

I would love tips, advice and recipes(food or shakes)

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  1. I can't wait to try those cauliflower mashed thingys!! I'm so proud of you and I'm always here to support you!! Love you friend!!

  2. I love your recipe... the fewer ingredients, the better :)
    You know I will always support you! :) We are in this together!!
    I really believe that we are going to make a difference this time!!

  3. I love mashed cauliflower! I made it for Thanksgiving last year instead of Mashed potatoes. Yeah, I was on a health kick, and I am with you...I need to get back on it! --Becky

  4. I've never had mashed cauliflower, but now I ned to try it!!
    You've got this, I totally agree with a cheat day or meal, saves you from bingeing!!