Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This or That LINK UP! Fears...

This or That Link Up

Linking up with some awesome girls for a THIS or that link up.
Candra, Jodi, Kristine, and Katie

  • Heights or Deep Water? -- I don't like either, i cant pick one. Heights are scary i like stop breathing, i hate it. Deep water, screw that, you don't know whats down there or what could get you! EEEEEEk! AHHHHHHH just thinking about these two freak me out. 
  • Snakes or Spiders? -- Spiders, HATE THEM! they creep me out, i cant kill them on my own. and just knowing that we probably eat some during our sleep in our lifetime just makes me want to sleep with duck tape on my mouth or something. I wish spiders had their own world. 
  • Losing all your teeth or losing all your hair? -- I think I could be okay with losing all my hair, because i could have fun with wigs and always have a new look. 
  • No voice or no Hearing? -- i would have to say no voice. I would rather Sign, text, email or write to my friends and family rather then never ever hear their voices again! 
  • Eat a bug or eat Intestines? -- OMG i don't even know!  IF I HAD TO PICK, a bug. 
I feel like I need a shower and an adult beverage after those questions LOL

next weeks questions is the Food Edition to help celebrate Thanksgiving!! The questions are:

Stuffing, mashed potatoes?
Homemade cranberry sauce, store bought cranberry sauce?
Pumpkin pie, pecan pie?
Cooking all day, cleaning up all night?
Thanksgiving Day parade, Football game?

Thanks ladies for this link up, i am busy with getting school done and not motivated to come up with my own material so this helped me out a ton! Now i can go back to focusing on school. 
Less then 4 weeks LEFT! wahooo.

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  1. Ok this has me completely cracking up.. I hate deep water and heights as well. I guess we are both scaredy cats!! lol

  2. I got the jitters even just contemplating some of these. Eeeeek! I hate spiders, too. Like, I HATE them. So creepy and crawly. WHYYYYY do they have so many legs? ew. lol

  3. Thanks for linking up lady!!!! Heights are horrible, and spiders, just stay away!!! So so horrible!!!

  4. Bahaha ya know that my favorite meat is tripas aka intestines LOL