Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday

Today I slept in until 11, haven't done that in well over a week. It felt nice and I know people will be jealous and judge :) GO AHEAD! I feel rested!

I am so glad today is friday
So naturally i am gonna link up for a 5 On Friday post!

- I did not get home from Tennessee until Monday evening, i was a day behind in school already and sorta freaking out, I know how much my coding class takes. I got good news the assignment was shortened. I got ALL three classes done yesterday morning, so now i can enjoy my weekend with friends and Delaney! YAY

- So i have started a new journey with Erica at Loyal RUN... We text all day everyday and are each other support system. I and just in a runt with my weight, i hate running i hate exercising, so i gotta change my mind about that! I am starting by changing my eating habits. My dt pop is my weakness, it will be hard completely cut that out i am down to one a day. I got organized and went grocery shopping so i have no excuse to NOT COOK. I CAN DO THIS!!!!

- Yesterday was my first full day of eating better then normal. I had my shake for breakfast, then i had two small turkey wraps with some baked chips and a banana & drank green tea, ate a snack of an apple and string cheese, then for dinner i had a grilled chicken salad  and before bed i had some grapes. I am still getting organized and researching good food and healthy recipes.  I CAN DO THIS!!!

- Our friends Steve, Mandy and their daughter are coming to stay the night tonight and a group of the guys are bowling in the city tournament tomorrow, we have Delaney all weekend also, so Delaney, Bailey, Mandy and I are all having a girls day tomorrow. CANT WAIT

- Some good news about school: i have 4 weeks left of classes and then i have a 3 week break! YAY i am so ready for a break and to spend the holidays with friends and family.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

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  1. You two will do great. We can all help out each other for support. I'm so proud of you. I can't wait until things slow down for me, I miss my friend!! Love you and did I mention I'm proud of you?? xoxo

  2. Doesn't it always feel as if we as women are playing "catch up" ALWAYS?! What the heck is up with that? And I hear you about eating better; I go in spurts. You can do it! --Becky

  3. Yay!!! Just 4 more weeks of school!!! I'm so very proud of you! Not only because you are almost done but because of how well you have been doing!!!!

    I am glad we are both eating better now!! It's so much easier with a support group who genuinely cares!

  4. Oh yeah, so jealous of your sleep in! Damn you!! But no judging at all! I'm happy for you that you can do that!!
    Good for you on the eating! Sounds like you are off to a good start!
    I'm obviously catching up on blogs, I have just filled your inbox! Hahahah!