Friday, November 8, 2013

Guest Post- Kristen from Hopelessly Ever After

Hi guys!! I'm Kristin from Hopelessly Ever After. Since Britney is off in Tennessee (jealous) I decided to take over her blog for the day!! So find your self a comfy seat, pour yourself a drank (alcoholic drink), and enjoy!!

Oh!! And if you need a good drank recipe here are some awesome ones from my Thirsty Thursday linkup!!

7 reasons why being an adult is freakin' awesome!!

1. I can wear what I want! No more trying to hide my cleavage for a night out on the town!! Momma can't tell me what to wear anymore! Although I may be a member of the IBTC I still like to let the girls out every once in a while. And if I want to wear pajamas to Food Lion I sure as hell will!! Although I don't wear Spongebob pants or Mickey Mouse boxers. That's just weird.

2. I don't have to clean my room before going out on the weekends! Ugh, I hated that! And my room was always a disaster so usually Thursday nights sucked. I would spend the whole night putting away clothes and all the other crap that was strewn about my room. I literally had a path that went from my door to my bed and my bed to my closet. lol. Oh I was messy. And truthfully, it's so weird because now I'm kind of anal about picking things up. Except for in the winter. My lounging clothes sit in a pile next to my side of the bed for days. It's too cold to get undress and then get in bed. You get undressed in bed.

3. Ummm drankin! Hands down best part about being an adult. (yes, even more than the one below this) When I come home the first thing I go for is a beer. Hell, if I want to drink at 10am I can. That's right blitches!! I even drink of weeknights. Sometimes, I even get drunk on weeknights. BOOM! And now, I don't have to bribe my friends parents or my older friends to go get me liquor. I CAN BUY IT MY OWN SELF!! And when I come home drunk, I don't have to pretend that I was crying in order to explain the bloodshot eyes!!

4. SEX. I know you don't technically have to be an adult to have sex, but, I don't have to hide it from my parents anymore! God, I can remember the stress of trying to make sure no one was coming home. Or no one was waking up!! lol. And now, if I accidentally get preggers no one will disown me! I'm married! And, if you just happen to find any sex paraphernalia, you can't judge me. I'm an adult!! I can do the do whenever I want!!

5. No more curfew! OMG! This is a huge one for me. When my husband and I first started dating I was 23. I still lived with my mom again after college and was trying to save up for my own place. But I still had a curfew!! My mother would literally not let me spend the night at my husbands house on the week nights. I WAS 23!! And on the weekends I had to come up with some excuse like i was too drunk to drive home. Then I would have to listen to the lecture about being drunk. That's probably why my husband and I moved in with each other 6 months into our relationship. lol.

6. Chores? If I want to! This kind of goes along with #1. My big chore was vacuuming our house. I know it sounds stupid to complain about, but we had this stupid vacuum that attached to our wall and everything went down into this big compartment in our basement. It was a pain in my ass!! I hated vacuuming with that thing and it ruined me still to this day. If the house needs to be vacuumed Mike does it. I'll turn straight b*tchmode if I do.

7. I can be as lazy as I want! If i want to spend my entire Saturday laying in bed watching tv I will. If I'm tired when I get home from work I'm not doing anything. If I don't feel like cooking I'm ordering takeout. BAM! Whatever I want!! You can't tell me I didn't make my bed. You can't tell me I have to clean my room. I don't care of the house needs to be vacuumed. I'M NOT DOING IT!

Well, it was a pleasure to meet you all. So glad I got the opportunity to guest blog with Britney. Now...time for a drank!!!

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  1. hahaha I love it all. I think Britney will have to agree that my first favorite part of being an adult was BOOBS haha