Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How we told everyone about the engagement.

I usually do a So What Wednesday post, but decided to write a little bit more about my amazing engagement!

We were suppose to keep quiet until i got my ring back. Well i told probably 4 people the night it happened because i could not hold my excitement. I made sure i told people who i cared about and i knew would keep our secret! 

We technically told our friends Steve and Mandy together first, they were in town and we would not see them again in person until after we got the ring and we wanted to be able to tell them in person. 

I hated that i had to wait two weeks before getting my ring back. Luckily it came in 4 days early, on a Tuesday. That night Delaney was with Tevis' mom and sister so when we picked her up we told them. They were excited and they hugged us and started asking questions of course :) 

Couple days later we decided to tell our friends who are more like family to us Mark, Melissa, Bob and Karen. I texted Melissa and told her we were stopping by. We walked in and Mark knew something was up i was all giddy and smiling so big. So i just stuck out my hand and we shocked the crap outta them, they are happy for us but was just shocked because Tevis likes to say stuff like "i am never getting married" and makes all kinds of jokes, they didn't think Tevis was ready for that next step. After it sank it we got text messages saying how happy they were for us :) 

Later that night we told Bob and Karen at our weekly Thursday night dinner, and Karen basically jumped for joy. They mean a lot to us so i was excited to tell them. They have been there for us for a lot are some of the greatest people I will ever meet.

Last people to tell in person was my family, so we did that this past Saturday. I gathered everyone up in the kitchen and started showing them pictures from the previous weekend with Tevis' family. I started at like picture #5 and went backwards so i could land on a picture that said we were engaged and showed my ring. Took my mom a minute to figure it out, haha. I love her.
My dad was the first one to smile say congrats and hug me. Which meant the world to me. He isn't very affectionate or shows much emotion, so seeing that and getting a hug i KNEW HE WAS happy with the engagement. I was so relieved to finally get to tell my family. They were all very happy for us! I know my brother and his girlfriend are not far off from getting engaged either. :) 

Once we told the certain people we wanted to tell in person it was time to make it FACEBOOK OFFICIAL, haha. We got the most love and support i could ever imagine. Not gonna lie i loved the attention, getting the comments, "likes", and text messages. Saturday was a good day! 

There is not date set, we are not even thinking about it. There is no rush for that right now. I am happy where we are at and perfectly okay enjoying the engagement and just being in love. 

So yes i am already wearing my wedding band, it was our personal choice. I might as well enjoy it all since we don't have the date set. I have some bridal bucks to spend at Kays, so I may get Tevis a ring sometime soon. 

Not the most interesting story or blog post, but like I've said before i want to document these great things that happen in my life so i can look back and read them. 

Down below are some of our family photos :) 

And look forward to some pretty awesome ladies guest posting for me 
because I leave for Gatlinburg, Tennessee Thursday morning and get back Monday night!  

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  1. Beautiful pictures... I'm so happy its finally out in the open. No more secrets. Lol Love you and I'm so happy for you!

  2. I love the pictures!!!! :)
    I love your story and I love you guys!!

  3. Aw so sweet! Isn't it such fun news to share?!

  4. I love the story! And how happy people were for you! You deserve it!!

  5. Every Love story is Beautiful and Perfect! I am so happy for you! ---Becky