Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend update! I HATE MONDAYS.

It is Monday evening, but at least i am trying to get in a short and sweet post!
We got to spend time with my family over the weekend in Auburn, which meant AUNTIE TIME!
& thankfully we planned it just right to where Miss Delaney got to go with us! :) We dragged storm along too. I was anxious about how the weekend would go with Storm, WAY better then i expected.

The weekend start off by taking Storm to get weighed so we could give her, her monthly trivexis pill. She is 48.6lbs, so i was right by telling everyone she is pushing 50lbs. She will be 6 months december 9th, SO we scheduled her surgery to get spayed December 6th, i am one nervous fur momma.

We picked Delaney up right before 4:30 and headed to auburn. 
& we left around 1ish on sunday!
What a great weekend overall, it of course went by too fast! I love and miss my family so much. 

Saturday i went to meet my newest niece :) 
Hannah Jade Brown, My best friend megan is now a mommy of two :) 

She was born friday morning. 8lbs 9oz 19 1/2 inches long! FULL HEAD OF HAIR! 
megan and I have been friends for 10+ years i believe. She is close to my family and I cannot wait to see her at Christmas time. 

The majority of our weekend was hanging out at my parents, eating and spending quality time with my niece who is gonna be 4 months December 6th. 

Miss Delaney with Tayling, sorta her cousin since Tevis and I will be getting married one day :) 

Oh yea this melted my heart!

Getting so big! 

My mom is one PROUD Grandma

I am one proud auntie. Gave her lots of love over the weekend. 

He is such a good daddy

Wish my luck on getting through my last three weeks of this semester! I cannot wait for my three week break off school! Okay i better get off here, Taking storm to her training class soon! Cant wait for these to be over with too :) 

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  1. Loving all the pics with babies! And omg Storm is getting so big and is just as beautiful as ever! How big do you think she'll get full grown?

  2. Good luck!! You're almost done the semester! You can do it!!
    Aww, such cute babies! What a fun weekend!

  3. Awww!! Surrounded by ADORABLE babies! :)
    Love the pics!!!
    Congrats to Megan!!