Monday, November 4, 2013


October 9th marks one of the best days that's going to happen in Tevis and I's life!
The signs are kind of a lie lol BUT we said yes she each other :) 


We have a very interesting story and although i may not tell it to every person i will definitely pour my heart on here for anyone to read.

Our relationship was unexpected and it has been a roller coaster ever since, life takes ya on crazy rides. Our relationship has shown me what true love is and how it is to be truly loved and cared for. Tevis has made me grow up and be a better person. I have had to learn patience throughout the three years we have been together also and I love the person he has made me. When we first got together, we never talked about marriage we just talked about having a baby together. He knew from the get go i wanted to be a mom and he was just fine with having a baby with me and whenever it happened it happened. I know it was weird talking about kids before even thinking about marriage, but we were both scared to think about marriage since we both were recently divorced. I eventually started thinking. 'I could marry this man", he was my best friend and soul mate. We had been together just over a year and he had made the comment, I know how i want it done and when I am going to ask you.


our world got turned upside down. He got sick, almost died on me, i took him to the hospital just in time. He left after 9 days in the hospital with a below the knee amputation. That is why i say our relationship has been a roller coaster. So needless to say, getting married was not priority on his list. It got put on the back burner, and that was fine with me. I was just thankful he was alive. He is my everything, and i don't know what i would do if i would have lost him Feb. 2012. So over the summer i of course starting making comments about taking the next step and we talked a lot about it.

So October 8th i went to the mall with a friend. She is getting married next fall and she wanted to stop by Kay jewelers to look at wedding bands. The lady who was helping her let us look and try on rings, I WAS IN HEAVEN. I told her "I am just dreaming about the day my boyfriend is finally ready to take this next step with me". She was showing me real big expensive rings, all fun and games right? I was curious at what style i really liked and made her show me more of a price range we could afford, i wanted to prepare myself for what i was going to get one day. There was a BIG SALE going on that Friday and the Bridal Set i loved and picked out, after discounts and bridal dollars would have been $900. WINNING!
Ring I piked out(left) vs Ring we picked out together(right)

I went home that night and told Tevis all about my time in dreamland at Kay Jewelers. My goal was to let him know of all the great and awesome discounts going on and bridal bucks and that maybe we should pick out a ring for me and then he can hold on to it and ask me when he is ready. I just did not think we should pass up the awesome deals. Like i said before i picked out a $1400 bridal set that was on sale for basically $900. I took this opportunity and went with it and I was winning. He seemed to be ok with everything i was saying. YES, he was upset i went and looked, got the prices, picked a ring out without him. So i said, "ok, please go with me tomorrow and lets pick one out together". He agreed.

We go to kays, :) I show him the ring i picked out. HE HATED IT! Too small he says! So we start looking at others, especially after i found out what he is wanting and the price range. I start shaking, i am in shock that we are actually looking at rings together. I have been wanting this for so long and its finally here and now i freak out haha. So after a couple hours of looking and trying to figure out what tevis likes and what we both like we finally picked out my bridal set, customized it.

Before we actually went to Kays, Tevis was still nervous about taking this next step, as was I and being at Kays and looking at rings, something clicked and he was becoming more and more ok with this and getting excited. We had lunch afterwards and he says you know when you get your ring back I am not holding on to it, your going to wear it or we are not getting it. SO RIGHT THEN AND THERE AT LUNCH HE WAS TELLING ME WE ARE ENGAGED, haha.

I got my ring back a little over a week later. I waited until he was home so he could do the honors of putting it on my finger and when he did he says, "I am ready for this next step with you" and we Kiss

I thought i needed a fairy-tale ending, but i was wrong. Taking this step together was the best thing ever. I am so incredibly happy, luck, and blessed. I love our story and how it happened, don't regret anything and neither does Tevis. It is our story and I am thankful i have this blog to be able to look back at our story.

I love this man! <3

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  1. I am so so happy for you! The ring is beautiful! Is that the full set or is there a wedding band too?
    Also you are crazy if you don't think Tevis IS your fairytale ending! :P

  2. Awww congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Such a beautiful story!! I'm so, so happy for you guys!! And such beautiful photos!!

  4. Congrats!!! You guys are way too cute!!

  5. What an amazing story. Sometimes something life threatening really puts things in perspective. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  6. I am so happy for you!!! You both are very lucky to have each other!!
    The ring you picked out was beautiful but the ring you picked together is perfect!!
    Love u guys!! Xoxo