Thursday, November 14, 2013

Update on my Stormy

Miss Storm turned 5 months on November 9th.

My poor baby will be going through surgery in a few weeks, i am gonna be a mess. She is getting spayed and her dew claws removed.

Storm is getting so big, she is now probably 45 lbs pushing 50... will know end of next week what exactly she weighs. She started the next set of training classes yet we haven't been in two weeks due to the trainer being sick, us on vacation and her not calling us back. I am over taking her to classes. She knows all her basic commands, Sit, lie down, shake and the stay and come command are a work in progress. She doesn't like to "come" when we call her. She is def. calming down and her biting has calmed down too. She is still my ornery girl, tries to find something to get into because we aren't paying attention to her. She steals, shoes, socks and Tevis' shorts. Storm is a counter surfer, she will get everything off the counters.
this was a while back, but she still does it lol

She eats about 5 cups a food a day along with her treats and we still think she looks thin sometimes. She tells us when she is hungry, she will flip her bowl over and look at us. 
Her crate is in our room and anymore we put her in there to sleep, she is getting too big and she gets hot being up in bed with us and ends up jumping down anyways. I am so glad she likes her crate more now, makes me feel better she just goes right to sleep. 

she still will not sleep on her bed we bought her, she likes the cold floor.

This is what happens when she spends a day at doggy daycare :) She curls up and sleeps next to me, I Love it! 

So basically you don't mess with her daddy! Before this picture I was trying to hug and love on Tevis and she jumped right up there and broke it up haha. This was today, so you can see how big she is getting!!! 

Storm is just your average energetic puppy! She loves to play fetch, take walks and run in the backyard! She is a handful at times but she has really calmed down, which makes things MUCH easier on me! She goes to doggy daycare at least once a week sometimes twice. She has been to the groomers twice since we have gotten her, she loves getting baths. Things with Storm and Delaney are getting a little better, each time seems to be better, once day storm will realize Delaney isn't her chew toy lol. 

I share photos of Storm on my IG and Twitter already so make sure you follow me and continue to see the cuteness of my puppy! Hope everyone has a great Thursday! We get to see Delaney tonight, she has a program going on at school and then we get her tomorrow for the weekend. We can't wait to see her :) 

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  1. Aww, she is so adorable! Hope she will recover from the surgery soon! Thinking of you guys!

  2. Don;t worry Momma, she will do fine during surgery. You may want to change her diet up if she isn't filing up on cups a day. Alice eats 2 cups of her kibble, with 4 oz of meat, twice a day. Plus she gets bones, carrots, and or cucumbers.

  3. Oh my gosh she is so cute! I can't get over it. We just got my pup neutered and had his umbilical hernia fixed. I was so worried for him but he was a champ. Vets do those surgeries so often it's practically automatic. Storm seems so small to me too! My puppy is pushing 90lbs now!

  4. Oh she's super cute! Don't worry, I am sure that her surgery will go well!

  5. I love stormy... She's such a doll. I bet Mack would love her too. She will be ok for her surged, I promise.

  6. I still can't get over how fast she has grown!! Love her!! :) she is ornery but I love it!

  7. Wow, she is getting SO big!! Such a beautiful girl!!