Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tennessee Trip 2013, Photo Dump

I am back from vacation! I sure missed reading blogs and chatting and interacting with the blogging community! Today's post will be just showing some pictures from our trip.

We left Thursday am and got back Monday evening. Storm stayed with our friend Karen all weekend at our house so we saved money and did not have to board her up and I had more peace at mind that she was very well taken care of!

This vacation was MUCH NEEDED! We plan on doing it same time every year, and i am just perfectly fine with that. Next year we are gonna research a better cabin with more rooms, Wifi, and bigger TVs.

Our Cabin with a MASSIVE hill to get down and up to it. I am glad to be outta Tenn. driving in the mountain made me very sick to my stomach. 

I only took a picture of our bedroom. Three King bedrooms, two downstairs, one upstairs. 

We had a nice fireplace and a jet tub

Our living room

Theater room, the main reason why we got this cabin, because lots of football was watched. BUT this room was small and it got very hot and was upstairs. 

Tevis' life long best friend Denny, him and his fiance came up from Florida 

Mandy and I got Henna tats, was gonna tease Tevis and say it was real

Karen, Denny's Fiance we clicked right away when I met her over the summer and was so excited to spend more time with her

Denny and Karen, they are troopers! SO GLAD they came!

all of us waiting to eat dinner at Old Mill, our all time favorite place, GREAT FOOD!

My hunny and I, love him. 

Our friends Steve and Mandy, love spending time with them! 
Denny on hardly any sleep and he was the BEST chef ever, lots of yummy food consumed all weekend

We did this a lot, sat and chilled on the deck. 
some pretty views :) 

Love the smokey mountains

Now i am back home, we missed out stormy. Time to get some laundry done and get started on homework for the week. Like i said before this was a much needed vacation and I am glad to be home but miss all our friends already. 

I have 5 weeks of school left and then 2 or 3 weeks off, I CANT WAIT! 
Now that vacation is over i can get focused on Christmas gifts! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their Tuesday! 

Storm had her first snow experience!!! will be fun when we get MORE and see how she plays in it!

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  1. were you in those bitchin cabins in gatlinburg?

  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun. There is so much beautiful site seeing in Tennessee. I would love to go back. I missed you..but I'm happy you had a great time. Mack loved the snow too!!

  3. I love those pictures, that cabin looks awesome! And girl, I feel you on getting car sick driving through the mountains. I live in Colorado and for my honeymoon my husband and I drove to a gorgeous mountain town but I got SO car sick on the way there! The Rockies are brutal for car sickness.

  4. Every year? YAY! :) so jealous lol
    I love the pics. Especially the leaves and mountains. Gorgeous!!!!

  5. Sounds, and looks, like you guys had an awesome time!! I bet your baby missed you!