Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

Can i get a HELLLL YEEEEAAAHHHH for Friday!

What is everyone doing this weekend???

I love Fridays. I love Linking up with Darci for 5 on Friday!

1. we put our Christmas tree up :) I got this 6.5ft white tree last Christmas for REALLY cheap. We decided to start our own tradition. White tree, blue lights, light & dark blue ornaments and then misc. Colts, Yankees, and Michigan ornaments. WE love it. & its Storm's first Christmas, she hasn't messed with the tree too much, YET! My fingers are crossed we don't have her knocking it over or anything lol. I cant wait to continue to grow my Christmas decorations. I hope to put a tree in our bedroom too :) I wish i was like Jodi with all her pretty trees and decorations. 

2. I get to spend the weekend with these lovely people, along with Delaney! We are picking up Delaney after school and heading to Auburn. My best friend Megan is having her baby girl, so i get to meet my newest little niece Saturday morning. I am of course excited to spend time with my nice Taylin Nicole, cant wait to hold her and kiss those cheeks of hers. We are taking Storm with us, so pray shes a good puppy HAHA! 

3. Little update on how I am doing eating wise...I have tracked my calories for three days straight now. Will weight myself at my moms to make sure i have that all correct on MFP. Today was my first full day of NO DIET POP! ...and cue headache :( I will do my best to track calories this weekend, but my mom makes yummy food  LOL. i have to have will power to watch my portion controls. OOH i rode on my stationary bike tonight for 25 minutes. GO ME! Follow me on My Fitness pal, britney502.. we can support each other! 

4. I got done with all my school work Thursday, SO i have officially three weeks left until my three week Christmas break :) WAHOOO! 

5. So i have recently reconnected with a best friend of mine. I just want and need prayers. She is going through a very rough time right now. Thanks in advance. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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  1. I love this new layout!! I've been trying to eat healthier too but good gosh I can't cut out Diet Coke like I need to go to rehab!!

  2. Prayers for you friend!
    Your tree looks great! Blue is my favorite, and on the white tree, I LOVE it!! Looks awesome!
    And yay for you with your eating!! Such a great job!!

  3. I looove your tree! I've been trying to convince my husband to get us a fake white tree but he's opposed to anything we don't down ourselves, haha. I hope I win this battle!

  4. Hell Yeah for Friday! I loved it so much, I am just getting to reading Friday blogs! ;) Great job on tracking your food. Mandy and I were just talking about how we both need to get back on track, and I am praying for your friend. --Bec

  5. Your mom does make good food!!! Mmm.
    Love your tree :)