Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crazy Indiana Weather!

I wouldn't move away from Indiana mainly because of my family, but gosh darn it...
I believe next Thursday is first day of spring, k Indiana lets act like it! So i have been checking the weather all week because I knew Delaney was coming for the weekend and I wanted to help her on her 4H project and take her to the park close by and take some pictures. Beginning of the week the weather said mid 50's, i was excited about that. It literally changed everyday, gr, So woke up today i look outside I see SUNSHINE and check my phone it says 51 degrees, NOPE my phone was wrong it was actually 43. By the time we ate lunch and got to the park the sunshine was gone. :( 
The park just isn't pretty enough to find anything to take pictures of. So we just played for a little bit, we didn't prepare for how cold we would be after 10-15 minutes but we had a blast regardless and i cannot wait for warm weather and to go back with her! :)
Pictures from today, Man has it been a long time since i have been on a swing!
After our time at the park we warmed up in the car, which i am thankful for seat warmers and that the car heats up FAST, we went to Meijer so we could get a few things and I wanted to get Delaney a cute Birthday outfit! 
Tie dye kinda looking and YELLOW! SCORE!
She will be SEVEN in exactly two weeks!!!!!!!!!
The rest of our Saturday has been spent on eating dinner and relaxing, its about to be shower time and I am sure Delaney will be passed out soon shes been so quite this evening. I think I wore her out! :)
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend! 
Much love, XoXo!

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  1. Love her bday outfit... so cute!
    I can't wait till its warm enough to go out again!