Monday, March 4, 2013

Life is precious...

We have a normal day last Thursday, we had some running around to do in Greenwood. When we finally got home tevis needed a little nap he had walked too much, he was sleeping maybe an hour while i was working on some HW. His phone kept going off like crazy(this was around 7pm) so he finally turned over to look at it and we got some bad news :( Our friend Travis was rushed to the hospital with congestive heart failure. He was at home when his left arm and leg went numb, couldn't breathe and had chest pain. So we are trying to figure out where he is exactly at and how he is doing. All we knew was he had a lot of fluid around his lungs and heart, his heart was pumping like it should and nothing was working. I had a bad feeling he wouldn't make it through the night, and mind you, he is ONLY 23 years old!!!! So young to be dealing with this. I knew Tevis was worried and wouldn't be able to sleep anyhow so at midnight we made the decision to go see him and was at the hospital until 4am. He was still in the ER waiting for an ICU room. We haven't seen Travis in awhile because basically he has been sick and not feeling well for so long he has been up to doing anything, going to doctor after doctor and they cant figure him out. He looked TERRIBLE. he was so white, and he was skin and bones. He has lost so much weight from being so sick. I'd say Friday was probably his worst day so far...blood pressure through the roof heart rate pretty high and of course he still cant breathe very well. So now its Friday or Saturday and all we know is..he has swollen lymph nodes in his abdomen, his kidneys weren't doing the greatest and of course they had now started getting fluid out of his lungs. They ended up putting a central line in and put him on breathing treatments. I guess with it being the weekend they just wanted to keep him Stable. So now its Monday..and they are gonna focus on why he has so much lower back pain and focus on his kidneys and stomach right now. He is getting some MRI's done and X-rays and will probably have a Bone marrow test done too. He will eventually need a heart cath once they know a little more. He cant lay flat yet with all the fluid so they haven't been able to do much. After we dropped off Delaney at her moms, we decided to go back and see Travis last night. He looks so much better and they got almost 18lbs of fluid off his lungs so he could breathe and talk better. It was very reassuring for us to see him doing little better, he is NO WHERE outta the woods yet, but he is stable and they will get some answers this week we hope!! Travis and Tevis are very close, and Travis looked to Tevis as a dad figure so this really has Tevis a basket case. So anyone who reads this..please please send our friend prayers. He needs them!!
& remember that life is precious and your health is nothing to mess around with! Get the help you need and be healthy. 

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