Tuesday, March 5, 2013

snow snow go away...

I blame my family for bringing me to this crazy indiana state where weather is ALWAYS crazy. We are under a winter advisory with lots of snow still falling and now under a travel advisory. Then this weekend it should be in the mid 50's, lol. See? Crazy Indiana weather! I personally cannot wait for warm weather, means more time outside, bonfires friends over for a cook out, playing outside with Delaney and warm SUNSHINE. We've been cooped up for too long, its time for spring! The weather kept changing, it started with lots of rain, then sleeting, and now snow and apparently we could get up to 9 inches. So guess there will be lots of places closed tomorrow and people staying home. I already planned on staying home. I will be doing my usual, getting some homework done and watching TV. I need to clean up our bedroom and put clothes away also. I lead a very exciting life. We will get outta the house this weekend, well me anyways, Tevis has been out today and yesterday. Now that he can drive again he is glad he doesn't have to depend on me to get places. As you read my blogs you will hear about tevis' daughter, Delaney, a few weeks ago i took a picture of them too and thought i'd share ....
Aren't they just too cute, hehe. Couple of my favorite people on this planet! It is hard to believe I only met Delaney when she was 5, she had just turned 5 basically, was short and little chunky monkey, and now she is going to be SEVEN years old at the end of march and is growing taller and thinner everyday. I am so glad she is apart of my life now. I love Delaney and Tevis so much. They are my little family, and i pray and hope we can add to our family one day.

SO this is Erica Nicole...my best friend since middle school. Just like any friendship, people grow up and apart. The cool thing about us, is we've been through so much that god lead us back together because our friendship is just that great. We are so different and so alike that we just work. We can be honest and open with each other and wont offend one another. Even if we went days, weeks, months, or years without talking that didn't matter and our friendship meant more then whatever happened to us when we didn't speak. Life is so precious and having people on our side is all we need. We need people who are positive, caring, nice, supportive, and will never make anyone choose sides for ANYTHING. We treat each other like we would want to be treated, and even though we are hours apart from each other there is NOT a day where we don't talk, and we make it our goal to see each other when i am home even if its 20 minutes. You don't just throw a friendship like ours away, and no matter what I've done to said in the past I know Erica is always there for me. She doesn't judge me on my life now or what I've done in my past she loves me for me and wouldn't have a bad thing to say about me. So if you looking for a true honest person, then talk to Erica...you'll see why we've been friends since middle school and will continue to be friends until we take our last breathe! I have a soft spot in my heart for that girl, as tevis would say, and she will always be apart of my life and my family. No matter what happens!

I hope everyone in Indiana stays safe and drives safe, winter is a crappy season. I hate driving in this kind of weather and that's why we will probably def. stay home tomorrow. I am so glad i can blog and let out what i am feeling and etc, makes me feel better. I hope you enjoy reading my blabber because it wont ever stop. Now time to fire up my DVR and watch some shows. :) Happy tuesday ya'll! XoXo!

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  1. Britney Nicole, I freakin' love you... you know that!!! Thanks for the tears... ;)
    Our story is definitely unique :) But you know what, I'm glad things happened the way they did because we wouldn't be where we are today if they didn't!! love u bff