Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I wanna say YES!

I watch snooki and jwow! Only reason why this season is because I wanted to see snooki become a mom and etc.. Tonight's episode include the most awesome proposal!
Jenny and roger!
He first tricks her with an amazing dinner.. Pink and black limo ride...she is so confused because it reads all over that he's popping the question! Then few days later he wants to take her sky diving and purpose when they land! He has a big banner and gets on one knee and asks her and the ring is massive! Then they go home on a nice limo and their bedroom is all done up for a nice romantic night. I cried!! It was an amazing thought out proposal! And all I can think about is i hope tevis comes up with an awesome way to do it that we will remember forever and can talk about for years! I know he wants to get married and that day will come I will be patient! He is so worth it and I love him so much and can't see my life without him! Hate shows that make me cry! It was a good one though! I am so lucky and thankful to have tevis!

To all my viewers! I hope you all are having a good week!


  1. Aw, you are right though, Tevis is a good guy and when that day comes, the wait will have be well worth it :)

    ... Jose just up and told me we were getting married... no proposal LOL

  2. Same thing happened sorta with my ex. He just came home from work and said I was talking about marriage with my friend and I think we should so we did lol. No real proposal so whatever tevis does will be amazing!!!

  3. lol ya..
    I told Jose he better make up for it on our 10 year anniversary. ;) We will see... he has almost 5 years to prepare..